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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Downtown Moto Dame

When Pinup Girl Clothing released a sneaky preview of the Deadly Dames faux leather range I was instantly in LUST and started saving my pennies, awaiting the arrival of these amazing pieces. After months of stalking the 'Coming Soon' section of their website, lots of posting on social media and non stop chatter about the items to my husband they finally arrived and instantly I scooped up my stand out favourites.

I'm a biker/moto jacket addict. I have around eight styles in leather, faux leather and cotton. I have black, plaid, I use to own brown and pink but my dream has always been to have the perfect cropped style. Micheline Pitt answered all my prayers and released the Deadly Dames moto babe bolero! I've never lusted after any item in my life as much as this and I'm sure after seeing the fit and style you will understand why.

Firstly I have to state that these styles run small so under the advice of Pinup Girl Clothing's awesome staff I sized up for the perfect fit. I know buying a garment one size up can annoy some folk but for this it's needed.

Wow. Just wow. I think I've found the outfit I want to wear for the rest of my life! Sleek, naughty, figure hugging and exquisitely tailored, the Downtown Dame dress in Faux Leather is a dream to wear. I have many of the DD Vamp dresses and tops in my collection but I think the Downtown Dame is my new favourite as it packs a little bit more vavavoom.

As you can see it's a body hugging style with a structured bust, matching belt and boned bodice. The fit of the 2xl is bordering on the standard XL so while this fits in the bust and the waist perfectly there is still a little wiggle room in the skirt. For PUG items I've always worn a XL and then even a Large for a super stretchy garment but when they advice to size up you always need to listen. Just cut the tag off if it bothers you. 

I feel like the ultimate 'Bad Girl' in this outfit and wish I was not stuck in Australia during summer so I could wear this out constantly. The fit is perfection and the matching Bolero is what dreams are made of. I opted to get both the black and red so I could mix and match all items. 

The Moto Babe Bolero - Absolute genius!! Such and amazing fit, just the right length and and hugs your bust perfectly. Uniquely designed, fully-lined in stretch charmeuse and features silver tone snaps and zips. This is absolutely perfect and will be worn to death. Now I need to buy more Deadly Dames dresses to wear beneath this style.

Why choose between red or black in the bolero? Just buy both! I honestly could not choose and knew that both would get so much love and wear in my life. While the black is classic and easy to style the red version offers that hot pop of colour in a beautiful cherry red faux leather. I've only owned one red leather moto before and it really did not cut it for me. The colour was off and the fit - icky. But this babe is absolutely rocking! I can't wait to wear these with my red and black polka dot vamp dress but which do I choose?

I paired the babe bolero with the amazing Deadly Dames Curves Skirt in Red. The red faux leather is soft and really molds to your shape. I never knew a faux leather skirt could be so comfortable. In the 2xl the waist is perfect yet roomy  and as you can see it's loose on the hip as well. I think I might have been able to size down for this one item but for now I'm still loving the fit. The room offers you to tuck thicker fabric tops under the wiggle skirt and pair lots of waist belts.

These two red hot items stole this shot so I chose to dress down top wise and just paired my own plain black tank with the outfit. I'd love to style this with a vamp  or jailbird top from the Deadly Dames range. All styles featured here are in available in 3 colours - black, red and pale pink. Obviously I'm not a pink girl so I naturally gravitated to red and black versions.

I have to give a huge amount of love and thanks to Brooke Orchard who took these amazing shots and snuck my into her last Melbourne trip. Now that my favourite girl has moved state I'll take any chance I can to see and work with her.


  1. You look insanely gorgeous in both outfits! They were made for you, let's be honest. They should just name them the Teer Wayde collection. ;)

    Love how these photos came out - the backdrop is perfection against the badass black leather outfit!!

  2. You look so stunning and dangerous!! I was looking for some reviews of this collection and i think i'm definitely sold on it. love your blog x

  3. Hi there..

    Looking fab... I'm looking to treat my lady with the Deadly Dames Curves Skirt and am wondering how realistic to leather it is.. I'd love to get her a real leather curves/wiggle skirt but this is maybe the next best thing..

    Thanks !!

    1. I honestly think this fits better than leather and is super soft and comfortable!