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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pretty Poppy

A few weeks ago, I gushed over the UK based Zoe Vine a the stunning styles available in their super pretty Millie Dress. Well, I finally got my hands on another amazing style from the collection and I'm in love!

The Isabelle is a stunning poppy printed swing dress with a true vintage feel. Featuring a high neckline, short sleeves and a full pleated skirt, this style is perfectly tailored to complement all shapes and sizes. The Isabelle comes with a matching fabric belt to create that great hourglass shape. 

I'm wearing this style in a size 18 due to the limited stretch of the fabric but It seems I could size down as my weight loss progresses, as this style fits me with room in the bust - no pulls, pops or warping of the fabric. The waist is a little loose but this was easily fixed with tightening the matching belt. 

Having a large bust, I usually fear button up dresses and tops, but I threw that fear out of the window and now most of my most beloved outfits have super high necklines. Such a perfect spring style and I can't wait to wear this out! 

I wanted to give both a warmer weather and cooler weather option for styling this stunning style, so I've paired Isabelle with my long sleeve cropped bolero from Inspired Insanity. I'm so smitten with these as they match every dress I own and I won't be satisfied until I have them all!  This ruby red bolero complements the poppy print perfectly and I love this pairing. 

My favourite mint green petticoat returned for this shoot and I'm having so much fun pairing this with prints. A pinup can never own too many petticoats, I say! 

Thank you to Katherine Davis for snapping these shots on this perfect location. We have two more blogs worth of images left from this set then I'm back with her to shoot even more goodies!