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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


For years now I've had a huge love for any top or dress with a Pussy Bow. I find nothing more adorable and vintage looking than this style and for a girl with a large bust like mine it can be hard to find the right tops or styles that don't look too odd with a large chest.

A few months ago I wrote up a review in Adore Pinup based around pinup workwear and on this shoot I rediscovered my love for the stunning styles from Bonsai Kitten. Knowing how much I adored the fit of the bow top I knew I needed the brilliant swing skirted dress version in my life

Sticking with the perfect fit of the pussy bow top the dress version has a form fitting stretchy tapered bodice and a half circle skirt that hits just above the knee. A super soft light weight stretch cotton/lycra mix molds to your curves and flows beautifully from the waits down.

I wore the top in a size 16 but due to some weight loss I opted to go down to a 14 in the dress and I'm so glad I did. The fit is amazing and so comfortable without being to tight in any areas. The long sleeve is great for winter but I'd love to see a 3/4 style released next! 

Perfect for work or play and once you wear this dress you'll never want to take it off! Also available in Navy with a red bow and black with the same contrasting bow as show here. I think I'll snap up the black version asap as it's on sale and too good to pass up! I paired this style with my favourite Pinup Girl Clothing faux leather waist belt and I love the extra definition it ads. 

The one thing I did not notice until I got the dress in my hands is the print on the neckline and bow. Can you pick it? It's actually skeleton hands!!! A creepy, kooky print mixed in and I didn't even expect it - nice work Bonsai Kitten. 

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next few seasons from this brand. Their new swing skirt, braces wiggles and the adorable Wednesday Dress are on the top of my lust list.  Many thanks to the brilliant Katherine Davis who shot these images with me. I can't wait to shoot with her again very, very soon. 


  1. Love Bonsai Kitten. The braces wiggle skirt is on my list too

  2. Never heard of them before! I love following your blog to learn about new brands!