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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Greatest Sideshow On Earth

Every season, Sourpuss seem to absolutely blow me away with their adorable new prints, accessories, the BEST cardigans and all those unique subcultural items. When I shop with them, it almost seems like my taste is all over the place, but the honest truth is that I love so much and need it all!

This past season I really fell hard for the rockabilly and carnival style items and shot some of my key pieces with the amazing Michael Alesich a few weeks back. Here are my stand out favourites :

Bordello TEEZE-11 Black Velvet Shoes - $109.00

While I'm a full blown Sourpuss cardigan addict I've only ever tried super stretchy wiggle style skirts from their range. But from the moment I saw the sideshow ladies swing style skirt I was 100% smitten with the print and perfectly placed border. Trusting my usual size I opted for an XL and found this swinging carny number to be absolutely perfect! This style sits right at my waist then flares out to a above the knee swing skirt which is perfect for summer.

How amazing is this print? I love how beautifully it's set out with each sideshow image located in a pleat and the border on the bottom. It really gives the skirt a whole lot of wow factor. There is no stretch in this fabric but I found the waist band to be really roomy on my 33 inch waist. This was easily fixed with a waist belt. I'd not size down though as it's really comfortable and lightweight.

With such a bold and fun skirt I opted for basic black on top but with a little twist. I absolutely adore Johnny Cash and lucky for me, Sourpuss stocks heaps of Man In Black-related merchandise. While there are some super cute pinstripe style I could not go past the Johnny Cash Guns cardigan. I LOVE the visuals on this cardigan and since this shoot, I've been wearing it non stop.
I wear SP cardigans in an XL and have no issues with buttons, gaping or fit. They are really stretchy, thick and hold their shape. Lately I've taken to wearing them tied at my waist over dresses and with other skirt styles. The pistol motif on the front of the cardigan is amazing but the back print is what really steals the show. 

Next we have what has to be my new favourite lightweight jacket for spring. I fell hard for this style online but I had no idea about fit or even the length of the garment. When I tried this on I was so excited to find out that it was super cropped, stretchy and soft to the touch and it zips up over my chest!! Being a moto jacket addict, I usually steer clear of this more 'denim' jacket style but because this is made from a stretch cotton based fabric it hugs you in all of the right places and nips you in an the small of your waist. So flattering! I'm wearing an XL. 

It's really rare for me to be able to button or zip up these styles but the Eisenhower jacket fits like a dream and looks good open or closed. You can find this style in polka dot (my stand out favourite) leopard and classic black. They are a great light weight option to a moto or denim jacket and can be easily dressed up or down. I hope they re-release this style with even more prints and colour options as I'd love to see a bright red version and some creepy prints.

What goes better with a brilliantly fitting polka dot jacket other than a brilliant statement necklace or two? I love the 3 charm style of these charcoal faux silver accessories as they give a little more oomph and have instant wow factor. The metal is that light you forget you even have it on until you look down. I opted for this stunning anchor and ship style as I love nautical accessories and I love how the ship is almost framed in the middle pendant. I also added some of the core range of pins available online. I can't leave a jacket naked I almost always have to customize it and add a buttons or pins. These are two of the best and most secure pins I've used and their pizza slice is next on my list. 

While I love nautical accessories western is also my addiction. So I ordered another horseshoe charm to add to my collection. This might not be framed as the other charm was but I still love it just as much. It works perfectly with all of my Sourpuss western dresses.


This order I also broke out of my mold and tried one of the many rocking t-shirts SP have in their collection. I love the Edgar Allan Poe raven print and the v shaped neckline. This tee is in a soft lilac colour and it's really stretchy and comfortable. The great thing about this tee is the v neckline. For larger chested hour glass shapes this offers casual comfort without hiding ever aspect of your chest. The fabric molds to your shape and the neckline flatters the chest. I think I need to pick up more of this style as it's so easy to wear.

As I said at the beginning I order so many different styles and themes when I shop at Sourpuss and after adding western, nautical and sideshow to the mix I've moved on to Tiki. See, that's the brilliant part of Sourpuss! No matter what your style or taste might be, they will have something perfectly suited to you.

The Tiki Purse is adorable and is a must have in either black or red this summer. The faux woven vinyl texture on the body really makes this purse pop and the bamboo handles and fruit charm complete the look perfectly. I've now discovered a huge love for all things bamboo and I love brilliantly crafted bamboo handle or bangle. This purse will suit absolutely everything in my summer wardrobe and I can't wait to wear it. 

Lets also not forget to mention the stunning Bordello Teeze heels from Shoe Me Gorgeous. As my collection of Bordellos grows I'm discovering all of the different substyles in this range. These are my current favourites followed closely by the polka dot Mary Janes. You can find heaps of Bordellos on sale right now via their online store so be sure to stock up while they are super cheap.

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