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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Erstwilder my love!

Last year I opened my life to a bunch of adorable Little Critters and started what is going to be a life long addiction to the stunning and, lets face it, cute as a button creations of Erstwilder. This past season we have seen the debut of the rocking Diner range and lots of new editions to the forever growing line of super cute animals and items.

While I loved the Diner range, I missed out of my first loves from the 50's inspired Diner range I did get my hands on some super cute styles that I absolutely adore.


How cute is this nautical 'Kraken' style brooch? As a sucker for all things nautical I had to snap this water scene up and pair it with my favourite red  from Heart of Haute. I love how this is a full scene not just one animal as many brooches usually are. It really makes the piece stand out and paired with a complimenting colour such as red it stands out in all of the right ways. 

Just look how that little red octopus pops! I love that Erstwilder are creating both stand alone animals and little stories such as this. It's basically a story in brooch form.

After falling in love with the brooches I though it was about time to try a necklace and my first aim was to find on that worked with my chest. I've loved each and every necklace style Erstwilder have released but with a larger bust the more dramatic and bolder pieces don't always work with my chest. Well this time I'm in luck! Patsy's Peepers are the perfect length with an adjustable chain so I can wear them high with a low cut neckline or lower on a boat neck or scooped higher neckline.  

I adore catseye glasses and after owning these peepers I need get myself a pink and white pair asap. Every time I wear this piece I can't get Jeepers Creepers out of my head and I'm ok with that. "Jeepers creepers, where did you get those peepers? Oh, those weepers, how they hypnotize! Where did you get those eyes?"

One of my stand out favourites from the last collection are the western inspired pieces. From deer skulls to cacti, I'm really drawn to the designs as I'm a lover of western fashion. The howling at the moon piece, like the first nautical style, I showed you is a 'story' style item and I'm head over heels in love with it. 

This piece is so simple in its design but this is what makes it stunning. I love the howling coyote silhouette placed on top of the almost pearl moon. I paired this with a bold yellow striped dress from Pinup Girl Clothing but I can't wait to wear it with my western dresses and shirts. 

Then lastly, I have the cheeky Paulette ready to pounce. I'm not usually one to like poodles but there was something about Paulette and the polka dot print. I love how she is in an action pose (yoga pose as well) and how prim and proper she is. The one thing about all of the cat and dog brooches at Erstwilder that I love is that they are all perfectly captured sitting pretty in an almost regal way. They are the way we'd expect to see them and when you find out their individual names then their pose suits them even more so.

I love how the pink/fuchsia pops on the teal of my Heart of Haute dress and I'm actually loving this colour combination. Why have I never tried this before?

For this post I've linked to an Australian based online store Kat Frankies. You can pick up all of the items featured plus many more via this store. I'm currently lusting after the following :

But if you can't find exactly what you need or you are on the hunt for an older more specific style be sure to check out the full list of stockists here. You can also check out more designs from the current collection via Erstwilder's website.

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