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Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Critters

Well, well, well... it looks like I have yet another addiction to add to my ever growing list. But this addiction is absolutely adorable, kitschy and heaps of fun! Obviously I've discovered Erstwilder and I'm in love with their quirky designs.

Erstwilder is a Melbourne based accessory company available in selected boutiques across Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Japan! They create fun, outrageous, limited edition,  collectible pieces of wearable art that are full of personality and style. For a full range of stockists please click here.

Now I've been a button or brooch girl for years now but this year I'm all about the 'statement brooch' and I wanted to share you with my stand out favourites from the Summer 2014 range. I was way too excited and could not bear to hold onto these any longer without sharing! DIY for the win! I could not wait till my next shoot!

Oscar Wildenfox - $29.00

I'm absolutely mad about foxes and I honestly have no idea why. But for the last few year all I've been wanting are adorable fox related goodies. Lucky for me Erstwilder have a rather large fondness for these stunning creatures and have featured quite a few in their Summer 2014 range. 

Oscar is a super spiffy little red fox with the cutest little spectacles and button nose. He is by far my favourite character in the range and has now gone from my cardigan to my trusty leather jacket.

More foxes! I could not stop at one! Sasha is a little different from Oscar and is a more sweet and feminine character. What I like most about her has to be the mint colouring and polka dot print of her coat.

How sweet is she? The pale mint shade pairs perfectly with all of my spring and summer dresses so I can't wait to work her into heaps of outfits.

Talulah Toucan - $29.00

While I opted for bright shades in the first two brooches I thought I'd choose a black style as well to pair with my red and green cardigan. Talulah works perfectly with my Heart of Haute Sweetie Sweater and really stands out. 

I was careless when changing and sadly lost a little piece of her perch (it feel from a great height) but the brooch still looks amazing minus the 2 missing leaves. Usually such an accident would make a design unwearable but Talulah is that brilliant she only needs a little foliage. 

Finally I have my 2nd favourite creature from the animal kingdom, a deer! Little Lockheart the deer is absolutely delightful! A prancing adorable little lady with a tiny little heart on her toosh. 

Her shape and style reminds me of Bambi which I was obsessed with in my youth! Now if only I could get a bunny brooch as cute as Thumper! 

So there you have it, my top 4 choices from the brilliant new summer range. Be sure to check out your local stockists both online and in store. You can also contact them directly via the website or Facebook. If you're not a fan of brooches but still love these adorable designs then you are in luck. Erstwilder also creates fantastic necklaces and earrings. So be sure to check out the range and start your collection!

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