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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tiki Tiki

Every season when I get a preview of the newest look book for Hell Bunny, I'm always interested to see what new creations they have come up with. With the Spring/Summer 2015 catalog I was instantly drawn to their new style tops and the most brilliant of waist belts, plus my trusty and most favourite style in their range - the 50's swing skirt.

These are a few of my favourites! We got to use the always freaking amazing LuWow for this shoot and I can't express in words just how much I adore this venue. It was hard not to lust after the cocktail menu while shooting and if you are ever in Melbourne you HAVE TO visit LuWow for cocktails and dance floor action. 

Oh, how I'm a sucker for gingham. When I first laid eyes on the Lydia, I fell in love with the western shape and button up front. Then when I finally got it in my hands, I was even more impressed with the red piping, butterfly embroidered motif and the fit. A true western summer frock with in a super stretchy fabric that hugs me in all the right places. Originally I was a little worried about fit, given that it appears to be a button up and with my chest and buttons I usually have many popping issues. But the amazing design of this dress means that I never have to fear this fit issue again.

You see, not all of the buttons are functioning. The top 3 work as buttons usually should but the others are merely decorative. Then how do you get into the dress you ask? There is a zip up the back of this garment so you simply slide into the dress and choose to wear the buttons open or closed. 

I'm super excited about this style and really hope that red gingham or another motif color combo is released. I've already got my eyes on the Cody Bandana Dress in the same style as shown bellow. 

I love this western skull and pistol print and I will need to get this when the summer months arrive. These dresses will pair perfectly with my cowboy boot collection for day time wear and all of my bordello heels for the evenings. The fit on the XL is super roomy around the waist and I think I'll go down a size next purchase. 

August Skirt - $49.95

Well hello there Cilla... this top is not for the tame! It's super boobtastic and I love the print. Paired with the August skirt in this bright cherry red works wonderfully with the picnic inspired print of the 50's style swing skirt. I really love these basics and how affordable and versatile they are. From core colours to bright prints you can get a super cute swing skirt for $50 and it will last you years. I've chosen the Rizzo belt in red to pair with this outfit. Even though each red is a slightly different shade I love how it completes the outfit. You can purchase the Rizzo in both red and black and they are super affordable. 

I'm wearing both styles in an XL and I've found the skirt to be a perfect fit for my waist. The top however I think needs a little more tweaking.

Although it does remind me if a vintage Pinup Couture style I have in my wardrobe already. The fit however is now what I had hoped for. While roomy in the waist and upper hips it's tighter on the upper arms and the around the bust. This works for wearing tucked out with jeans and pencil skirts if you want a little more room around the waist. 

The top half is my issue. I could not find a perfect place to sit the sleeves and I was unsure if it was to sit off the shoulder or higher up and sometimes I felt like it made my shoulders appear much wider. 

But even with the fit confusion I found the perfect way to wear the Cilla top is under a cardigan. This eliminates the shoulder widening issue, cuts up the pattering and really makes for a more me look I think. One thing I forgot but will remember in the future is to wear a black or similar colour bra. The tie up front means there is a small hole between the bust so whatever you wear beneath will show through. 

This is really my preferred way of wearing the Cilla and given that this is a brand new style for Hell Bunny it might be a case of the design needing a few more tweaks. I'd also love to see a sleeved version of this if possible.

Now merely moments before I walked into the shooting location I fell over and injured my already scuffed and sore right knee. I felt like a complete duffer but the show must go on and I was not missing out on shooting any of these outfits. So this is the reason I've not been able to include many full length images from this day. But I went out of my way to also showcase the stunning shoes I paired with each outfit. 

Now I've worn both of these pairs in previous shoots but I wanted to focus a little more on their stunning design and fit! I've honestly lusted after Bordellos for years but until the last 12 months I'd never stepped into them. But once I wore my first pair there was no turning back.

I get all of my Bordello shoes and many other brands/styles from Shoe Me Gorgeous who are based in Australia and ship worldwide. They have the best prices and I just adore their work!! Currently I'm a little addicted to my bright red Patent Maryjane's as they give that brilliant pop of colour to any outfit. One day I'll have a rainbow wardrobe of this style.

Then lastly the sleek and stylish black velvet scalloped edge teeze pump. Such a dainty yet sexy style with a clip on or off brooch attachment (click link to see more detail). Each of these styles will pop up constantly in my shoots over the next few months and I can't wait to add a few more to my collection. 

Many thanks to Michael from Robin Elk Photography for working with me at the glorious location!

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