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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Mantrap

A little while ago, an amazing surprise arrived at my door, wrapped in printed pink tissue paper and tied with a bow. It's safe to say I was blown away by what was hidden inside.

Once I dreamed of the silky wiggle dresses from Wheels & Dollbaby but never thought I'd be able to fit into them, let alone look good in one. Well I'm proud to say I've ticked both boxes and it feels AMAZING! This dress HAD to be captured on film by the one and only Brooke Orchard Photography . Brooke is the best pinup and retro inspired photographer that Australia has to offer and I feel absolutely honoured to have had the chance to work with her many times this past year. I adore her that much I've booked her for my wedding!

Introducing the Mantrap dress in glorious deluxe imported satin from the Star De CinĂ©mar’ Collection! This wiggle dress is designed for curves and hugs every one of them. With a sweeping off the shoulder neckline, hourglass silhouette and amazing fabric details this dress will make you feel like a goddess of the silver screen.  

The fabric is buttery smooth and an absolute dream to wear. I originally received a size 14 in this dress but exchanged it for a 16. The 14 was a great fit all over my body but the arms were a little restricting. So sizing up made more room to move and now my arms fit in perfectly. I've found that I fit anywhere from a 12 to a 16 in Wheels & Dollbaby depending on fabrics. 

The mantrap dress is also equip with a powermesh and an inbuilt boned bodice which will give you that extra shape and lift. This alone is great but I felt I needed more lift and shape to show this dress off perfectly so I've paired it will the new Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless bra and my CS-426 Longline Underbust Corset from Orchard Corset. Combined these two brilliant undergarments gave me that extra vavavoom shape and great support. 

Now I usually would not flash my draws for the general public but I have to show how these two brilliant undergarments paired with the dress create such a hot shape! I now wear this style corset on most of my shoots and the bra, well, I think it speaks for itself. 

This strapless multiway bra (please note straps are included if you wish to use them) is amazing! The soft cups hold my GG bust perfectly and there is no fear of spillage, a boob popping out or a morphed odd shape. It's like wearing a normal bra with invisible straps. I'm wearing the Luxe in a size 34GG and the fit is spot on! For years we large busted ladies have needed a product like this and I'm sure I'll be fearing many more times as summer rolls in. P.s This also passes the jump text - that alone is reason to get this bra!

I paired this dress with and without accessories for this shoot. For all images I wore the most amazingly bright and sparkly Stardust Gold Digger Tear Earrings $22.00 from Kat Frankie's. The simple design and sparkling brilliance adds that extra element of glamour to the look. I also added a white gold and diamond necklace from my collection but you can easily wear any colour or style necklace with this dress! 

Not a fan of a strapless dress? This also pairs wonderfully with the full range of cardigans and boleros available in the Knitwear section at Wheels & Dollbaby.

The Mantrap is also available in babycat print, peaches'n'cream and black although size availability may differ. I'm currently compiling a list of all items via the web store that come in both size 14 and 16 so you, my lovely readers, have a easy guide to fitting curves! This should be up shortly. 


  1. Absolutely stunning, Teer. Wow. I'm curious... does your corset have ties in the back? Mine does and I find that when I wear it with very tight dresses it's difficult to hide the ties. xo

  2. Thank you kitten! It does indeed and they are really long. I tuck them into the back of the corset when wearing items like this and they tend not to show.


  3. Wow you look incredible! Your overall look is very reminiscent of Christina Hendricks, who is just the embodiment of luciousness.

  4. HOLY CRAP! Bombshell to the max!