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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Print Perfection

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting some stunning corsets with brilliant Miles Away Photography just outside of Geelong. I packed my bags with a few extra outfits so I could take full advantage of the stunning garden location and show off my latest purchases from Pinup Girl Clothing

This is my second Haunted Housewife dress and I love it even more that the first Black version I purchased. The shape is a little different from the Birdie Dress but has a similar shirt swing dress style. I adore the red rose print, white piping and white skull buttons featured on the cuffs. While this usually comes with a matching print think waist belt I chose to pair this with my Hot Rod Honey faux leather belt.

I'm wearing this style in the XL and there is limited stretch but a firm and great fit for my curves. I've also added a black petticoat for extra volume in the skirt. I swear this dress was made for my figure and I now need the red version in my collection. It's strange to think that a few years back I'd never wear such full skirts and only figure hugging wiggle dresses (I still adore them, don't worry) but now I'm making up for lost time and buying as many as I can.

I chose to keep my Orchard Corset on while shooting these swing style skirts and the shape it created is absolutely brilliant. Paired with a full skirt and a super funky faux leather belt it creates the most perfect hour glass shape. 

Before the Lauren Top blew my mind, the Doris was the be-all and end-all of the boobtastic tops! I've owned both the red and black Doris tops for 4 years now and they are still in perfect condition. So when I finally ordered the burlesque printed Jenny skirt I knew that it would work perfectly with my black Doris top. I wear the this style in and XL and I fit it to be stretchy with a little give and room around my waist.

The Jenny skirt has fast become the skirt of my dreams. This gathered full style skirt is bold, bright and pairs beautifully with so many tops in my wardrobe. The Burlesque print is absolutely magical and was designed by the brilliant Micheline Pitt. Each pleat in the fabric shows a super curvy burlesque babe undressing and this print runs along the bottom of the entire skirt. 

I'm wearing the Jenny Skirt in an XL and it's a perfect fit for me 33 inch waist. Now that I own two styles in this skirt will be purchasing every single style created as it works wonderfully on my figure. From the pleats to the waist band, length and fabric - it's perfect! This print is also available in dress but I'm not sure it would suit me as much as this outfit. I'd love to see a dress in this exact style one day *crosses fingers and toes*.

Doris Top in Dark Green  - $52.00
Jenny Skirt in Turquoise and Black Harlequin Print - $98.00

I got way too excited when I saw this emerald green beauty in the coming soon section of Pinup Girl Clothing. As a redhead I know how perfectly this shade of green goes with my deep red locks and I snapped it up the week it popped up on the site. It's a perfect fit in an XL and look great with high waisted skirts, pants and even un-tucked with jeans. 

I paired this with the mesmerising harlequin printed Jenny Skirt. As I raved on about the brilliance of this skirt above I won't bore you again but I have to gush a little over the awesome print. I now own this turquoise, pink and black  print in both a Jenny Skirt and a Lauren Top and adore them ever so much. I love the pairing of this top with the bright emerald green even though non of the colours of this skirt match with that shade. The bright print and solid green really seem to work. I've also worn this skirt the Lauren skirt in the same fabric and it creates the most amazing looking and super bright dress! 

Many thanks to the brilliant Nicholas Miles from Miles Away Photography for shooting these amazing styles with me and capturing all these brilliant fabrics! Can't wait to shoot with you again in the future. 

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  1. Gorgeous - these images must be one of your best! The red tone is mysterious and magical at the same time! That first dress is fantastic, but your curves give it the va-va-voom it needs. On anyone else it would be sweet and classy, but on you it's classy, sexy, and just hit-you-on-the-head fantastic! Sigh!!!