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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Falling for you

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up my two favourite things : Heart of Haute and shooting with Katherine Davis. Katherine has an amazing eye and is by far one of the most brilliant photographers in Australia. The yellow autumn leaves in this stunning location paired perfectly with every piece of clothing we photographed.

Be warned, this is a very picture-heavy review/post as the location was absolutely magical. Hidden near a creek just off from a main road, a little bunch of gold and green autumn brilliance. 

The beloved Monte Carlo. You might remember this dress in the teal colourway from a previous review and from the amazing sunflower photo shoot I shared earlier this year. When I first slipped into my first version of this dress I knew it was true love and thought no other colour could look that good on my pale skin. Well I was wrong! 

The red Monte Carlo is divine and by far my new go-to dress for 2014. If you are looking for a shirt dress you need to invest in the Monte! I'm wearing this in a size XL and it fits me like a dream. The fabric falls delicately over my hips, nips me in at the waist with the belt and is so soft and silky. 

My favourite features have to be the buttons and the belt in the same fabric. Usually I would go with a strong black belt to break up the colour but I love the look of all red in this style. 

As you can see this is a full skirted style and I'm wearing this without a petticoat. I wear it with or without but for this shoot I wanted to show the natural drape and fall of the fabric. Be sure to twirl up storm when you wear the Monte Carlo as it is perfect for such fun.

If you buy one dress this year buy the Monte Carlo in any shade that suits you. I have two now and I can't wait to see if any new colourways will be added in this style. I loved the previously released charcoal and orange and really hope they return. I think if released in black it would also be a huge hit. 

New we have a brand new style from Heart of Haute; the Estelle Blouse. As soon as I saw the previews of this style on facebook I think I wrote 'gimme gimme' on one of the photos. I knew instantly from seeing this on a mannequin that it would hug my curves and look fantastic! 

This is by far the most feminine top in my wardrobe and I absolutely adore it. With the pale blue floral print to the super cute pussy bow it is perfect! I'm wearing the Estelle in an XL and unlike most shirts this style fits both my bust and my waist in a perfect hourglass fashion. 

When I buy shirts I usually only have a proper fit on either the bust or the waist but never both. The Estelle buttons up over my bust while fitting my waist comfortably but also nipping in to hug my curves. The length also sits perfectly on my hips and can be worn tucked in or out of high waist skirts, jeans and even worn with business suits. 

I've always been a fan of showing off lots of boob but the reason for this was not being able to find well fitting shirts. Heart of Haute has proven that this can be done perfectly and I now how have heaps of options to choose from. This style comes in 9 different fabric choices so you are bound to find one that will match everything in your wardrobe. I plan to add the Black, Paprika and Pink Cherries Jubilee to my collection. 

The Ella top was the first button up top I ever purchased and the reason I knew the Estelle would work perfectly for my bust/waist ratio. This top is a wardrobe staple and I now have 3 different versions in my collection. The perfect fit in the XL is what will always keep my going back as new fabric styles are released. 

I first saw this adorable Bee pattern when I met and modeled for Mandie Bee at Viva Las Vegas in 2013 and knew that it had to 'bee mine'. 

Much like the Estelle this top hugs your curves and fits like a dream. The fabric is a little thicker than the Estelle but is equally as perfect. If you are worried about your measurements in this style or any other button ups be sure sure to ask Heart of Haute directly and they will be glad to help. I'm currently 42-33-42 and everything fits perfectly in the XL. This style is a little shorter than the previously shown Estelle but is perfect for high waisted styles. It looks amazing with skirts and super high waisted jeans. 

If you are a long term reader of this blog you will already know that I have a huge addiction to Heart of Haute knitwear. I've been living in both of my Bettie Boleros for years and I've been dying to try the Sweet Sweater as an alternative. I do adore my Boleros but the lace up neckline does not pair perfectly with all styles of tops i.e button up shirts with bows. So the Sweet Sweater is perfect for dresses and skirts such as the Ella and the Estelle. 

Made from a super soft stretch cotton this style will pair brilliantly with both collared and non collared items in my wardrobe. The bow tie at the front also adds and extra cute element to any outfit. This has been worn non stop since its arrival. 

The Hilda Dress is a perfect gypsy peasant dress. Sadly this style of fabric is sold out across the board but the Hilda comes in 6 other fabric choices. Bellow you will find a 3 samples of the different fabric choices on offer. 

This style is perfectly suited to an hourglass figure as it is fitted at the waist while allowing you to show off your bust and hips. The gathered bust can be worn high on the shoulder or slightly off depending on what kind of look you are after. 

This style works really well on my body and I feel both comfortable and sexy in this dress. I think come summer time this will be the perfect day dress but I also feel like I can easily pair this with black knee high boots and a cardigan and wear it through autumn. Like all the styles shown in this post I'm wearing a size XL.

The Sweet Sweater is also available in Black! I think I'll be having an long term addiction to this cardigan as well and will collect every version. The black is just as versatile as the red and is so comfortable and soft. They remind me of the wrap around cardigans ballet dances wear but with a pinup/modern twist.

Pairing the black cardigan with the bright print makes makes the cardigan itself the statement piece as it seems more bold when covering a printed fabric. Like the red style this is already being worn to death. 

You can also purchase the Sweet Sweater in White, Spring Argyle and Leopard Print. The printed versions pair wonderfully with solid coloured dresses. 

While shopping at Viva Las Vegas last year I picked up a little black and white gingham shirt from a stall and fell in love with it. When I peeked at the tag I was delighted to learn it was from Heart of Haute and that there were many other fabric options. 

The Ellie is a must have style for any pinup or retro loving girl. With a button up front consisting of 3 buttons and a tie this shirt is super cute and super sexy all at once. How can it be both? Well it's simply a case of how many buttons you choose to do up. The most skin you show the sexier it gets. 

I've chosen to wear the Ellie with some cleavage and bra peeking through. But it also buttons up over my large chest with ease. Pairing the red gingham with a black skirt and belt makes the fabric stand out brilliantly. I also wear this style top with high waist jeans and cowboy boots which is a more casual style.

The simple gingham fabric is so easy to style and suits so many hair colours and skin tones. The Ellie also looks great with high waisted shorts and blue denim in all forms. 

You can also find this the Ellie in an adorable Blue Tiki Print which is perfect for extra styling options and tiki bars/parties. But I adore the gingham the most and would kill for a few more colour ways. 

Many thanks to my brilliant photographer Katherine Davis who created something magical with our Australia landscape and worked with me on these images. I can't wait to create with you again. Be sure to check out Heart of Haute for all of the styles featured and for new sneak peeks in the coming soon section. 


  1. OMG, you are adorable in all outfits :)
    and those yellow and warm background is just amazing. All to beautiful *-*
    kiiss from Puffy Plaft Zoom

  2. You look stunning- as always!!!!

    I am also in LOVE with the Sweet Sweater. I have it in black but want it in every color ever!

  3. Wow! I'm in love with every item you're wearing! How adorable is that bee print though!