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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The MUST have BB Cream

Just a quick blog post to tell you guys about the newest addition to my makeup bag and this year's must have item!

Rimmel have just released their new BB Cream in Matte and holy hell in hot pants it's amazing!

I've been testing out heaps of BB creams since they entered the market but I've hated every single type. From brands that leave my skin shinny and oily to others that have overwhelming scents. I was about ready to give up on this creation all to together until I tried the BB Cream from Rimmel. 

I'm a huge fan of the whole 'Stay Matte' range from Rimmel and I'm now 100% addicted to this BB cream. It's weightless and glides on to your skin with ease. The perfect pale shade for my super white skin this BB is a real matte cream! Paired with the Stay Matte powder this is perfect for day time makeup. The coverage is great but it does not hide my freckles which is important to me during the daylight hours. 

I wear the Light shade in the BB cream but you can also purchase Medium and Medium Dark. These 3 shades will do wonders for your complexion and as the advertisement promises you can say Bye Bye to shine. It's really rare to find a well priced product that actually does what it promises but this does and I will be wearing this for years to come. For under $10 why not try it? 

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  1. I just ordered it after reading your post. But I took it in very light. Not sure if light would be fair enough.