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Friday, May 30, 2014

High Waisted Bliss

I've been searching stores and the internet for a while now in the hopes of finding the perfect pair of high waisted denim jeans. Returning pair after pair of styles that just don't cut it and or become loose after one short wear.

I found the right height with my AA Easy Jeans but then I still had to deal with the stretch fabric they use instead of actual denim. I honestly thought the perfect pair of high waisted jeans did not exist but I was wrong!

I've known of the fantastic Australia brand Embody Denim for a few years now and I've loved their styles, models and size range. Made for women with curves to fit a whole range of body shapes. Dressing women from all walks of life in sizes 8 to 22 they have an amazing range of denim and current fashions.

So what's different about Embody Denim? Embody is designed by Natalie Wakeling (BGM) who is a professional plus size model. This means we get well fitting, fashionable and beautifully made garments suited perfectly to our curvy body shapes. Having a plus size model as the designer means she knows more about fit, shapes and all the different needs of the curvy woman.

The style flashed up on my Instagram feed a short while ago as it was worn down the runway at the Curvy Couture Runway event. The fit made my jaw drop and I knew they would be the perfect addition to my pinup wardrobe. 

A perfectly high waisted, real denim pair of jeans that fits like a dream and slims out your legs and hips! I swear to god I feel like I've dropped a size when I wear these. Worn in a size 18 which is one size up from my usual size of a 16 due to the limited stretch you will need to follow the size charts and keep this in mind. 

The Soho Capri  sucks in your tummy and really flattens out any lumps and bumps you might have. The capri style tapers in at the ankle as well which slims out your legs even more so. Because this is a thick and supportive denim it won't loosen up 2 sizes after a days wear like many other styles that I've tried. These jeans hold their shape and will last you many years if you look after them.

With the capri leg you also have the option of rolling up to create a cuff in true retro jean style. An option I'll be sure to try out during the warmer months. The belt loops also accommodate all my waist belts which is an extra added bonus! 

At Embody Denim you have so much choice! From all things denim including jeans, skirts, shirts and jackets to a full Clothing Section including all the essentials such as pencil skirts, coats and stunning dresses. If you are wondering what style will suit you best well they have that covered as well, offering a Body Shape Calculator that links you to the perfect style for your shape. 

So if you are looking for the best pair of high waisted jeans look no further! The Soho Capri has ended my search and I absolutely adore them. Embody are Australian based with all manufacturing located in Australia. So when you buy from them you support Aussie workers and that is brilliant.

Many thanks to Katherine Davis for these and the rest of my latest photos. She is the bees knees and I can't wait to work with her again.


  1. If the shipping from Australia to the US wasn't horrible I'd try to save up for a pair. I have found wonderful luck with Fashion Bug right fit and Torrid's amazing fit for plus size women.

    The Fictionista

    1. I am a size too small for torrid these days and find their garments more so the jeans have a short lifespan.

    2. Torrid are good for stretch but for real denim styles this is the brand. Plus a true tight high waist is rare for my measurements!