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Monday, May 5, 2014

Bras and corsets and kix'ies - oh my!

The time has come to show off  all my lingerie favorites in one full blown underwear and corset filled post! Being a super curvy hourglass shape, I tend to love any garment that accentuates my waist to hip/bust ratio and what better to do that with than CORSETS!!

Base garments are not only sexy but they are the essential foundations of any outfit. What is hidden beneath helps garments slide on and sit perfectly. So in this post I wanted to feature my stand out no.1 picks for corsets, bras and stockings.

As a redhead, I found it impossible not to order this emerald green underbust corset from Orchard Corset. I've been looking all over the internet for a well crafted, stunningly designed and well reviewed corset company and as soon as I found Orchard Corsets I knew all my boxes were ticked. I chose to try to underbust items to begin with as I know they suit me best and these two styles are absolutely spot on for fit and size!

I am wearing both of these corset styles in a 26 inch waist. My natural waist is a 32' and when I gave the very lovely people on their Facebook page my stats they instantly recommended this size to me. Via the website they offer the following information regarding size :

'We recommend that you order 5-7 inches below your natural waist measurements to allow for cinching.  Plus sizes (waists of 38" or more) should order 7-10 inches down. So if you have a 29 inch waist, we would recommend that you purchase a size 24. The leather is very supple and has more give than a satin or brocade, so if your are on the edge between two size, choose the smaller size. A size 24 will have a 24" waist when fully laced shut. The hips will measure about 12 inches larger than the waist, and the underbust is about 6-7 inches larger when laced shut. Available in sizes 18 - 40 in 2 inch increments.'

In the 26' underbust I feel amazing. This style creates such an amazing shape and is very comfortable to wear. The shorter style is suited to wearing both as an undergarment and for styling with dresses and skirts. I've always worn corsets both as undergarments and as outerwear and I can't wait to pair this emerald style with the perfect dress!

I've paired this corset with my absolute favourite bra set! Last year I discovered the Deco design by Freya and lusted after the amazing sets I found in UK based lingerie stores. Though trail and error I have found my perfect size, style and cup in this brand and have also found a brilliant Australian company who are selling them close to home! Many thanks to my amazing man who searched high and low on the streets of London when he was in the UK last year to buy me my first ever Deco! Without that one bra, my addiction would never exist.

Brava is an Australian based lingerie company specializing in a D cup and up. With both an online store and two shops located in Melbourne you can order online if you know your size and head in for a perfect fit! Australian bra manufacturers need to step up and take notice of wonderful companies such as Brava. Too often I notice that bras in Australia are only over a DD with a back band of 16+ and for a back size of 14 and smaller they seem to never go past a D. This is making the whole buxom community of Australia wear ill-fitting and uncomfortable bras.  To fit my 34GG bust I need to purchase a UK brand imported by Brava instead of purchasing Aussie brands. Australia, get your act together or me and my bust are moving to the UK!

For this shoot I've worn the Deco style bra in two colour ways and I can honestly say now that this is by far the best bra I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I own 4 different colour ways in the Deco and the fit is amazing. It gives you a large round shape, supports your whole breast and fits like a dream. I'm wearing this bra in a size 34GG and I think after discovering this style I will be wearing these every day of my life. The soft padded cups are really supportive and give a really lovely shape. Since I've been wearing this style I've got so many compliments and looks, the girls seem to be bigger than usual every time I wear my Deco bras! The short style bottom is silky and smooth and in a size XL fits my hips with ease.

Next I opted for what I've always loved - Leather Corsets! The Leather is a longline and requires a torso length of 10+ inches generally to be comfortable in while seated and I found this style so very comfortable and perfect for my shape. I actually adore it most out of the two as the longer length sucks, tucks and slims out all of my problem areas. The longer length sits on a perfect height on my hips and I feel amazing while wearing it. I think in the future this longer length style is the one I will choose to purchase more of because it seems to hug me in all the right places. 

The leather is soft and smooth and I can't wait to shoot with this again. I've already got Batman inspired shoots in my head featuring this style! The fabric and distinct steel boning offer a very strong pattern and shape and due to the softness I feel like this style molded a little more to my waist and I lost more inches. 

This style while perfect in leather also comes in other prints and fabrics. From satin to cotton, pinstripe and brocade you will find the perfect style and colour for yourself with ease. Now if I can get my hands on a few more colour options and a pinstripe, my corset dream collection would be complete!!! For more information regarding fit and sizing please check out this video Orchard Corset created to help make choosing a longline style a little easier. 

I chose to pair this leather beauty with the super bright honey Freya Deco set from Brava. The pop of colour with the dark black tones really makes this stunning green/teal shade stand out. The matching honey brief is adorable with the button and ruffle details. I'm also wearing this style in an XL as well. With bra sets I tend to worry about fit when it comes to the bottom but the XL is spot on and does not cut into my hips at all.

If you are sick and tired of ill-fitting bras I urge you to try the Deco style from Freya ASAP! For any information about fit contact Brava directly for specific fit info and measurements and my brilliant fellow Blogger Fuller Figure Bust for all DD+ bra needs as she is a genius.

I've also completed each outfit with my favorite thigh high stockings from Kix'ies. You can find my previous information-filled post regarding size and fit here. These are the best thigh high stockings on the market right now and never slip down. I've been wearing these to death all autumn and need another pair of Polka Dot, as well as the Annabelle and the Beth Anne! Once you try Kix'ies you will never try another stocking brand again -trust me.

Working with my favorite brands in my dream location was brilliant! Thank you to both Bobby McGees and L12 Photography for helping me create such amazing images!


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