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Monday, December 16, 2013


I've found THE perfect thigh high stockings! You will never worry about your thighs being too big, that awkward roll down mid walk or having your garter un-clip in public!

Introducing the absolutely amazing KIX'IES!!! Kix'ies are a unique and brilliant brand of stockings that will never let you down. I've spent years lusting after the 'perfect' thigh high stocking but I've always avoided the standard stay up style as they have that awkward rubber that never grips.

Kix'ies offer you a hold that won't let you down and come in 4 unique sizes that will suit and stretch around your thigh. I will admit I do love my pins but hell, they are far from being skinny. I just measured the widest part and they are around 36 inches around. Most standard plus or queen sizes fit around the thigh but look floppy and loose around the rest of my leg. I tend to wear standard XL stockings these days and Kix'ies offer a product that fits my thigh and does not look loose or too big around the rest of the leg.

Marvel High Waisted Knickers (no longer online) from Licorice and Cream

These stocking are perfect for the true vintage lover and can be worn all year round. I'm a sucker for polka dot stockings and these there best I've tried to date! The thickness and strength of the stocking is amazing. 

I found that wearing my Kix'ies higher on my thigh have me the best support. When placed lower they felt a little more loose. I'm wonder what the next size down would be like as I'm wearing a size D (refer to the size chart at the end of the post). 

I originally thought that the polka dot style would be my standout favourite but I'm absolutely smitten with these pure black ribbed stockings. A winter classic with a sexy twist. These are so soft and a dream to wear. I can't wait to rock these more in the cooler months. 

Now for the final pair, the very funky Tiffany style, which is a diamond cross over print perfect for pattern lovers and plaid fiends. I love how the stocking print and the top of the stocking class but work perfectly together at the same time. 

Looking for more styles? You can find the Kix'ies online store here, facebook, instagram and twitter.  

For size help I've attached the size chart bellow. 

Now go forth and buy every pair! Trust me they are the best thigh high stockings you will ever purchase. 


  1. Teer saves the day again. Seriously been bummed about never being able to find a flattering thigh high for curvy thighs. Stoked to try these! Requesting a few pairs from hubby for Christmas!

  2. Where do you buy these from Australia? I've looked everywhere! They are either unaffordable or the shipping is crazy!!