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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello Petals

Happy New Year my lovelies!!!

I hope you have all had a brilliant and safe holiday season. 2014 brings with it a whirlwind of positivity and I can't wait to see what this year holds for me and for those I love.

To bring in the new year with a bang, I thought I'd share my latest photo for Parody Petals and link you guys to the best hair flowers on the planet. So sit back and have a little window shop as this is a rather photo packed post!

Possibly the best skirt I've worn/modeled in months! I'm head over heels for this high waisted black wiggle style. It fits like a second skin in a size Large and will give a little over time. I adore the button features as well as they side split that shows off my tattoo perfectly. 

An awesome wiggle skirt will give you a very curvy rump and this one fits my ample toosh perfectly!

 I loved this skirt so much I purchased it shortly after this shoot as I can't live without such a perfect pinup staple. This style is also available in grey with black accents and at $35 why not have both?

I have a huge soft spot for beautiful hand crafted hair flowers and the moment I saw this stunning red rose I knew it was leaving with me. The lace details on each petal really make this flower pop and I've not seen this mixtures of textures before. 

I loved this rose so much, I purchased the Black Sequin version with my next order. I've currently got my eye on the Purple and Dot Lace Flower and I'm sure any other style that will be released I'll snap up asap.

Parody Petals also offer custom hair flowers so if you like this style or the black and want polka dot fabric or a different look they can help.

They also offer a great selection of pill box hats! Here are a few of the ones I modeled.

Now I've always been a fan of Pill Box hats but I've never really worn them until last year and I find they so fun to style with. Be it worn on the side with a huge victory roll, in the middle for an Alston Jackie O look or with a mass of curls they are a brilliant accessory. 

My stand out favourite from the all the styles online right now has to be the fine polka dot style. Mixing my favorite print, netting and a super cute bow, this style will match so many items in my wardrobe. 

I usually wear this style on the side but after seeing all of these images I'm really loving the Jackie O style of wearing the hat. These are my stand out favourites from the store but you can find these and more accessories online right now. 

This could be my ultimate accessory! A mixture of my favorite flower style, polka dots and a net veil. This is that stand alone accessory for special occasions and I would love to get this in my collection as soon as possible.

Parody Petals also sells a huge range of corsets. This style is not online yet but I wanted to share the image with you anyway because corsets and curves are perfectly paired. You can find the whole range of corsets available here. I've also made a request that the next shoot we do has to be full of corsets, so watch out guys! It will be boobtastic! 

I did my own makeup on this shoot and I need to tell you guys about a product I'm going nutty for at the moment. 

I was gifted the new Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation to try out from Coty. I was given a choice of colours (there are 8 in total) and I went for Ivory and True Ivory. The 103 True Ivory is the most perfect match I've found in years and the mousse texture blends wonderfully. 

I wear two styles of foundation regularly. I like my thin almost barely there variety for day time and a thicker and long lasting style for photo shoots and night time. The Stay Matte style is perfect for shooting, reflects light in all the right ways and looks great on camera. This style also lives up to it's long lasting promise and stays on your skin without breaking apart. 

If you are looking to try a new foundation I highly recommend this Stay Matte style paired with my favourite Rimmel Stay Matte powder. 


  1. Absolutely stunning Teer! I love your style - always gives me a bit of inspiration as well as reassurance that us curvy girls are HOT! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, you're so gorgeous!!


  3. I love that skirt, I saw it online the other and I really liked it. I didnt think that it would look good on bigger girls but seeing you wear it makes me love it more.
    By the way I love your style.