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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogger Bingo!

Being a part of the Nuffnang network, I get invited to some brilliant events throughout the year and last week was my stand out favourite event for 2013 - Blogger Bingo!

Photo courtesy of Nuffnag

The event was held at The Cullen, a boutique hotel located in Prahran, Melbourne, which is one of 3 in the Art Series hotels. The Cullen is inspired by and features lashings of original artwork and prints by Australian contemporary artist, Adam Cullen. 

On arrival, I was shown up to the roof top with an amazing sundeck and offered a glass of bubbles. The view is stunning and as the night progressed and the sun went down, it continued to sparkle. 

After saying hello to current blogger friends and meeting some new amazing writers, it was time to settle in and learn how to play bingo. 


So armed with a red marker (chosen purely on seat location and that it matched my dress) I was ready to rock! This was my first time and I absolutely loved it. 

Our host for the evening was the always amazing Candice DeVille of Super Kawaii Mama, looking an absolute bombshell in her Lavender Monica Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. Candice did an amazing job as host and made us giggle all night long. 

While getting a little confused about the rules of playing the blue card I accidentally jumped up with a BINGO only to find out that I needed to get the whole section to win. Well luckily a few calls later I got to say it once more and won! My prize: a fashion pack from a local boutique and a double cooking course at the South Melbourne Market. 

Once the games were played and all the winners had scored their loot, it was time to announce best dressed. I must admit when they called out my name I was shocked it was completely unexpected but then again, Deadly Dames dresses always tend to get a lot of attention. My winning outfit was my Deadly Dames Courtesan Dress in fetish print from Pinup Girl clothing paired with my Betty Bolero from Heartbreaker Clothing

My prize was an amazing piece of artwork from Australian artist Mike McLean named Exhale. This stunning and huge painting is amazing! I'm so thankful that I won, it's really lovely to know people thought I looked good that night. 

Armed with a goodie bag, one bingo prize and a huge painting I was a little worried about catching a cab but luckily Nuffnang had teamed up with Uber for this event and offered $40 off any trip home! Now how could I say no to that? 

Uber are a new and super easy to use chauffeur service that has just arrived in Melbourne. With their easy-to-use iPhone app, you can order a car to your location, find out exactly who will be driving you and ride in luxury to your destination. The application also has a fare estimator so you can find out a roundabout price for your ride and be sure of prices. By simply adding your debit or credit card to the application you will be billed shortly after your ride and a receipt sent to your email address. 

I really enjoyed this service and found the prices were great, I'm sure a taxi home would have cost the same if not more. The driver was also very helpful when it came to fitting my large artwork safely in the back seat. 

If you want to try bingo for real, try bingo at Butlers.


  1. Fantastic blog and great photos! You've got beautiful banner :)

  2. I was married here in 2012 and it is a fantastic venue. The food, service and mostly the staff were truly amazing. Though we had to sort some bill issues which were about to put a damper on my magical day!