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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blue Belle

I have an addiction and I'm proud of it. What is my addiction you ask? Well I'm 100% addicted to the Dita Von Teese Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby. This addiction started in 2011 and will last me for life.

Back in February 2011 I lusted after the Dita Cardigan but was not sure if my ample curves would both suit and fit into the cardigan. I modelled and did a full review on each aspect of this brilliant piece of knitwear and this went viral! Why? Because my curves suited this style perfectly! 

So when the new season colours were announced I set up a photo shoot with the brilliant Shauna Phoon and escaped into the inner city park lands of Melbourne to shoot the stunning new shade - Blue Belle.  

My new blue belle baby arrived encased in a collectible French Armoire illustrated box inspired by the glamorous world of Dita Von Teese.

I absolutely adore the little note from Melanie Greensmith attached to my beautifully wrapped parcel. I always find it hard to rip the custom Wheels & Dollbaby wrapping paper when it arrives. 

Belt - NA

Now this time I chose to step outside my usual comfort zone and try new colour that I'd usually not purchase. My fiance gave me the pale pink and black version for Christmas so I choose the pastel blue option for this shoot.

I found it hard to choose a colour at first but the more I looked at the stunning powdered blue shade, with the cream embroidery the more I loved it. It pairs perfectly with my dark red locks and suits pale skin perfectly! 

I am wearing this cardigan in my ideal size which is the 14. I own both 14's and 16's in Wheels & Dollbaby knitwear and I find the 14 fit to be perfect for my measurements. This cardigan has heaps of stretch to it and will fit a size or two up. 

I paired this with my Essential Logo Pencil Skirt also from Wheels & Dollbaby. This skirt will last you a lifetime and will never stretch out of shape. If you want a pencil skirt to pair with everything this is the skirt for you. I wear this style in a size 4 which is a 14.

Now I chose to wear this style as shown via the website with lots of cleavage but I can easily button this cardigan up with no issues or button pops. I have a rather large chest so I have no issues in showing off a little skin with this garment. 

I can't wait to wear this with pale blue and pink floral dresses and skirts and layer over the colder months. I'm very excited such an bold design in a new colour within my wardrobe. It gives me more options when it comes to styling and forces me to take more risks with colour. 

You can find the Pink and Red versions via the online store and be sure to check out the new AW'14 Range Collection 'At Residence, at the Del Rio' which is live and available to purchase right now. I'm currently lusting after these four stunning garments : 


 You can find these items via the new collection : AW'14 Range Collection 'At Residence, at the Del Rio'


  1. Where can I get the Dita cardigan in a size 14 or 16? I've been to the Wheels and Doll Baby website and they only have 8 and 10.

    1. I'm unsure sorry! I don't know any re-sellers and this post was much earlier in the year when it was released. If you contact them directly you might have some luck and ebay sellers might have one on offer.