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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dita Cardigan - New Colours!!

The famous 'Dita Cardigan' returns this year in three exciting colours.From the iconic collaboration between Dita Von Teese and Wheels & Dollbaby  - three new exclusive colour ways to add to your collection: FLOSS PINK, WINE RED & BELL BLUE.The Dita Rose Embroidered Cardi is a timeless classic for every glamour girl's wardrobe.

You can pre order your own Dita Cardigan right now! Follow the links below each image and secure yourself one of these amazing new shades.

Wine Red - $190

Bell Blue - $190


Just a small snippet of my last two Dita Cardigan reviews/shoots. I have both the 14 and the 16 and I find the 14 to be the perfect fit as they are super stretchy. I'll be shooting a new colour way very soon so be sure to check back! 


  1. Teer,
    How do you apply your makeup in order for it to look vintage?
    You see, I apply everything to the winged liner, eyelashes, bright red lipstick, and yet I don't appear vintage-esque. Why is that?

    Here is my Facebook profile :!/alishamedusa
    Seeing my pictures, what is it that I'm doing wrong? Is it the bleach blonde hair?

    Please respond, I follow you on Instagram and here! You're a wonderful inspiration, and although I'm 18 now, I really look up to you in terms of fashion!

    1. Hi Alisha!

      Honey you are stunning! Your lashes look phenomenal and I'm loving your look. I think your makeup looks brilliant but if you want a little more effect why not extend the wing on your liner a little?

      I think your makeup is perfect for the retro pinup look but maybe if you want to complete the look you can find some vintage hair tutorials.

      Doing pinup or vintage is a head to toe look and hair and clothing always help. I do victory rolls and pin curl sets to have amazing wavy hair but on lazy days I just do high pony tails and use lots of sheer chiffon scarves.

      You are stunning honey!