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Monday, February 10, 2014

Rocking Curves

I'm forever searching for my perfect mascara and after using the Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara for the last few months (and loving it!) I jumped at the chance to review their new lash product - Rockin' Curves

Now how appropriate is the name? Love it!! 

When I read the description for this product I knew it was perfect for my need. I'm loving the ad campaign for this mascara as you know how much I adore my leather, studs and rock styling. 

The Scandaleyes range of mascaras offer you unique brushes for big, long and thick lashes. I was head over heels for the Retro Glam style and now that I've tried both I'm loving this style just as much. With an easy to apply applicator - with the broken heart shape brush you can get every lash, define and separate each individual lash. For a more extreme look just layer 'til you are 100% happy. 

Now I've got good eyelashes but they are nothing too over the top in their length, to the point where you barely see them when they are without product. 

Eyes without product : 

Eyes with product :

Rocking curves definitely has a brilliant effect. As you can see it extends my lashes and gives me a stunning natural look. This effect was after two coats and there is no clumping! The brush helps you to reach those harder to reach lashes with ease.  

I absolutely love it! I'll be sticking with this style and trying other new products from Rimmel as they hit the market. I find that from face to eyes and lips they work so well for me. 


Because I wanted to show off the lashes in all their glory I ditched the eye-liner and just went for a lash and lip focus. This is becoming my day look of choice and I love swapping from red to pink and then nude lips. 

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