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Friday, August 16, 2013

On the sunny side of the street

I've come to the conclusion that red heads look amazing in yellow. I have avoided this colour for years due to my horrid high school uniform but this year I've rediscovered it!

This dress has started my love affair with yellow and red. The Sassy Tropical dress from Hell Bunny is a little different from the other styles I've tried int the past. With a more molded and fitted bust this style is much more flattering and fitted that the standard fit. I'm wearing this in a size Large as I've noticed I can get away with a large or medium in most of the halter styles due to the ruched back. 

The bust, nipped in skirt and brilliant bright yellow colour are perfect for my pale skin and red locks. I've paired this with the best cover up off all time - the Heartbreaker Clothing Betty Bolero also in a Large and a chunky red waist belt. Even though there is not red in the stunning tropical bird print of the fabric I think this was the best colour to accessories with. 

This dress has inspired me to purchase more options in this shade for the warmer months ahead and I've already got my eye on a few gingham and Hawaiian numbers in the current hell bunny range. You can also pick up this dress in baby blue and black. The black is next one my lust list as the print is absolute perfection. 

Many thanks to Michael Alesich for shooting this bright frock on a slightly soggy day. You can check out more of his work here.


  1. Love your shoes and your look :)
    Jen from
    Fancy Shoe Land

  2. Hello there,Ciao...Great coloured,so sparkling,so Fabolous!
    xo from Italia

  3. You are just so stunning love! Surely hope to work with you at Viva again next year <3

    Tara O.