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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Honey Blossom

As I've mentioned many times this year, my biggest love and addiction right now is cowboy boots. They are a part of my daily uniform, the shoes that I'll travel the world in and dance up a storm while wearing. For comfort and looks you really can't go past this style and they also work in well with my casual pinup wardrobe.

Now after years of hunting on eBay and other websites I've finally found the perfect place to purchase vintage cowboy boots and I wanted to share them with you!

Blackcraft Tee - $26.00
Cowboy Boots - $59.99

Honey Blossom Studio offers one of the largest selections of vintage and used cowboy boots online! You'll also find one of a kind found object art and other funky junk finds! You will find art, books, belt buckles, purses and more via their website. But their collection of boots - oh my! It is my one favorite online shop!!

I've had my eye on this style for a whole but I was never sure if I could really pull off grey or two tone boots - but as you can see they are AMAZING! Honey Blossom has a huge selection of vintage and used boots with detailed images and descriptions giving you all the information you need.

Now do you need help finding your size for vintage boots or men's boots? Well after a few mishaps on other websites and a few hit-and-misses, I found that this shop was very straight forward and taught me exactly that size I needed. With the cowboy and cowgirl size listed on in the title you'll know exactly what you are purchasing. I tend to search and purchase anything in a cowgirl 10 or a cowboy 8 or 8.5.

This style is a 8.5 (men) or a 10 (women) and is a perfect fit. I've been wearing these with jeans, stockings, dresses and anything I can find. They dark grey tone matches so much of my wardrobe and they are in fantastic condition for a vintage pair of boots. 

Shipping to Australia is pretty standard at around $39 for a large box with your yummy vintage boots inside. Coupled with the very reasonable price of the boots you can score a pair and shipping for under $100!

This is my second pair of boots from Honey Blossom Studio and I will definitely be back for more, I have currently got my eye on a hot pair of Tony Lama's. So if you are looking for the perfect pair of boots and don't want to spend a fortune be sure to check out their website and Facebook.

Many thanks to Michael for shooting these and the last few posts for me! It's always an absolute pleasure and he rocks at shooting shoes!

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  1. Fantastic -- love those! I've been trying to find the perfect pair (unsuccessfully so far) but I'm still looking! Cheers for the link!

    Kate x