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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Massive Swimwear Sale!


Kiargo and Funkita Form are having a sale!

Showing off to perfection a woman’s natural curves, both labels have a wide range of styles and designs available for the discerning sun worshiper or swimming enthusiast.

Favored by everyone from synchronized swimmers to Mums at the beach, Funkita Form continues the print and design aesthetics of its sister label Funkita, while Kiargo channels the classic glamour of a bygone era with styles like the Zsa Zsa One Piece or the Gold Bullion Buckle Halter Top.

For a limited time, both labels are offering massive discounts of either 50% (Funkita Form) or 60% (Kiargo) so now is be the perfect time to stock up the wardrobe for the coming months, for half the price!

These and all the other styles listed are perfect perfect for curves and if you follow my blog you will know I adore Kiargo and that it is 100% for curves. For fit I wear a size 16 and focus on the styles that a built for a bust DD or higher. You can find my two previous post and full reviews here and here

With such a brilliant sale you can pick up a suit or two for the summer and look like an absolute bombshell while beating the heat.

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