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Thursday, August 8, 2013

BeauCoo - An awesome destination for fashion!

We have a new App/Website on the fashion scene and it is spreading a great deal of body positive vibes throughout the world wide web.

BeauCoo is a website available online and also on your smart phones (iPhone or Android). An online style network for women only, promoting the importance of positive body image or as they have created #BoPo - love that hashtag! Going to use is asap!

How does it work? 

Once you join you simply have to input your body dimensions and it will instantly match you with other rocking women who have your shape and size. This takes the hassle off online shopping as you can see exactly what specific styles and brands look like on someone with your measurements!

You can meet new friends through out this site and also build a close knit community full of women with your shape. This is brilliant for future shopping and styling advice.

With the smart phone application you can upload images while you are out trying on new garments! Why wait till you are home and have a SLR? You can get the advice you need if you are unsure right then and there! The phone layout is clean, stylish and super easy to use. Plus once you join you will want to upload every outfit image you have all at once! It's that addictive.

Uploading is that fast and simple that you can show off your outfit at any time and get any advice or help you might need. If you look closely you'll even see 3 of my posts currently online!  The inspiration drawn from such a website is phenomenal! It is a style source, go to guide and is even jam packed with blog posts covering so many different and useful topics. 

My main favorite feature is that you can get the information you need about fit, fabrics, stretch etc from anyone wearing any outfit. Once you join this brilliant community you will be back every spare moment you have to search new brands, hunt down other amazing women who just happen to have the same shape as you do!

Need a little more help? Well luckily I've found a video to give you all the information you will need.

Have you joined up yet? If so follow me by clicking  TeerWayde

You can check out my profile as seen bellow!

So please excuse me while I upload some more outfits and list lots more new brands into the website! Catch you on BeauCoo my lovelies!

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