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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collectif Cowgirl

So it seems my love for cowboy boots has expanded into all things gingham and western themed. I must warn you that this is one picture packed and gingham crazy post! Let the fun begin - Ye-haw!

When Collectif released some of their new season stock I instantly gravitated to the red and white check print of their stunning skirts and tops. The print has always be a favourite and when I saw the Liesel Skirt I instantly decided I wanted to do a cowgirl shoot! So together with my awesome photographer Shauna Phoon and my dear friend Liz assisting we moseyed on down to an amazing park in the mountains and let loose!

Plain White Cotton Top from Kmart - yes Kmart! - $6
Jeffrey Campbell Renegade (sold out) - $354.95

I've really become fond of circle skirts and I've been trying as many styles as possible. The Liesel from Collectif is my new favourite! The red and white gingham print is darling enough on it's own but with the addition of suspenders and bows - perfection! In size 16 this skirt fits my waist perfectly and has enough room at the waist to add a petticoat for some extra volume.

This was also the perfect occasion to finally bring out and shoot my Renegade boots from Jeffrey Campbell. I was lucky enough to pick these up for 50% off earlier this year and this is the fist time I've worn them.

I was actually a little worried about wearing a plain white top underneath as it's not really a solid colour that I'm comfortable with but I think with the outfit it works perfectly. This was also my first time ever wearing suspenders which to some might not sound like a big deal but for us busty girls it is! You're never too sure where they are supposed to sit, how they are meant to mold with or around your bust and it can get confusing. I've opted for them to be worn around and not directly over and I love the look.

Warning though when you wear this skirt you will constantly hold them in a cowgirl, boot scooting fashion!

This skirt was calling for my white Hell Bunny Petticoat. It does not need the extra volume but it does look amazing and gives a little more pow with the extra addition.

Not fond of the suspenders? Well you are in luck - they are fastened by buttons which are hidden within the skirt so you can easily take them off and wear this skirt by itself. I've paired this with my own red cardigan to show another style of outfit for this skirt.

Belt - My own 

The quintessential item in any western inspired wardrobe - a gingham sweetheart blouse! Super cute, matches everything from jeans, skirts and shorts and can be worn up on or off the shoulder. I'm wearing this style in a 16 which is a size too big for me so I'll be making sure I get a size 14 asap, I can't live without this top! 

As you can see fit wise it shows cleavage but not too much and provides great coverage. If this was more fitted i.e a size down I think it would do wonders for my bust. My favourite feature of this top has to be the adorable heart shaped white buttons. 

Now after trying the Dolores style finally, I will start collecting more tops and dresses in this shape. I will be ordering a 14 from now on though to ensure the best fit. There are so many super cute prints to choose from in this style be it in top, fitted or flared dress form. 

I paired this whole outfit once again with my cowboy boots and the perfect vintage accessory - ivory pearls. Collectif have a brilliant selection of accessories to match with all their amazing outfits. From jewellery, handbags, belts, scarves, sunglasses and more you will find the something to compliment any outfit you purchase. 

Now for something that I'm really not used to - beige/pale knitwear! I originally wanted this cowboy cardigan in Black but it sold out instantly so I opted for the pale version. 

I wear all my Collecif knitwear in a 16 and this fits brilliantly like my other cardigans. The embroidery on the shoulder and back panels are what sold me when I first saw this top. As a whole this cardigan has such a classic and sweet style and I really love the design. 

The pearl buttons are stunning. I've really been looking closely at all the little features on garments these days and Collectif really put go all out with their designs even down to the buttons.

But colour wise I'm not too sure if I can pull it off? It beige fabric is very close to my own skin tone and nearly as milky white as me. I'm that used to dark shades and black that when I wear something very pale I feel a little strange. I really think this colour would pop brilliantly on darker skin apposed to my lily white flesh. But that does not stop me from loving this cardigan to bits. As soon as they release more of the black version I will snap it up and never take it off.

Then lastly another super cute accessory available online right now. These studs match with all my outfits perfectly and add a tiny amount of glitter and sparkle to each outfit. You can also get these in black and at that price why not buy both? They will suit most if not all outfits. 


  1. Gorgeous! I love the gingham skirt and I just noticed my favourite shop, Your One Stop Pinup Shop has the Dolores blouses in:

  2. OMG I am obsessed with the gingham top and the cream cardi. To die for! If you ever want to sell them i'd be keen, just sayin'

  3. I have the Dolores Gingham Top and the Liesel Skirt in black and they are phenomenal! You look absolutely stunning!

  4. If you were to ever want to sell those boots i'd be SO keen hun, Ive bought a dress off you before & it was amazing, can't wait for some more awesome stuff to pop up, xoxox

  5. These are all gorgeous looks! I think the pale cardigan still looks nice with your skin; the shoulder detailing keeps it from being too washed out. I have very pale skin too but I think I would give the cardigan in this colour a try.

  6. You are such a hottie I cannot believe I didn't find your blog earlier! I love Collectif so much and I found you through their instagram - I'm totally a fan now! I love all the red on you, it really is your color!

  7. I just bought the circle skirt and forgot UK sizes are different from Canadian sizes so I'm terrified the skirt wont fit :(

    1. Yes Aussie and Uk sizes are different sorry. I'm in Australia