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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stop Staring!

Last month I showed a little sneak peak of my Viva outfits and gave you guys an oh so tiny hint of what I wore at the festival. Now I've settled back at home I had the chance to pop into the studio with Aaron Widyanto and shoot the amazing dresses from Stop Starring that I wore over that event weekend. 

I wear an XL(12) in most of the dresses from Stop Starring and I've never had any fit issues. They are always perfect for my curves and fit like a glove.

My shoes are from Luichiny and you can get multiple colours of this specific style the EYE DOLL directly from their on line store and other great re-sellers. 

I knew the moment I laid eyes on this Board Walk dress that it would be perfect for my shape. It's the same shape as Success Dress which I own and wear to death so I had to get this print on my body asap.

The fabric is super soft and stretchy and molds to your bodies natural curves. The fabric may even be more stretchy than the as it's a poly rayon blend. 

The little gather details on the waist help define your curves more so and I added my own belt (this style actually comes with a thin patent black belt) as I like a thinker band around my waistline. 

Although I loved the cap sleeves on this dress I added my favorite bolero to break up the pattern and make it a very 'Me' look. I really love my shape in this style dress and hope that Stop Starring produce more in this style over the years as it's a stunning design.  

Next we have the show stopping Darling dress made from their famous millennium fabric. This dress is that one style you hunt for for a special event. 

From the fabric to the fit, the fish-tale back to the chiffon ruffle bottom and bust. This dress will makes you feel like a bombshell without showing anything so it's perfect for events where lots of cleavage might be inappropriate. 

I was a little unsure to begin with how this style would look on my body shape but after simply trying it on I can say it is PERFECTION! This style also comes in black if red the colour you are after. I wore the chiffon belt in the front but it can also be worn in a bow at the back.

This style is super stretchy and tight so girls you will need your best shapewear with this frock! 

Tori Dress - $158.00

Then lastly the Tori Dress. A very different choice for me fabric wise (stretch cotton sateen) and and a print that I usually don't tend to lean towards - Roses. But this dress in the flesh is stunning. The delicate print really pops and from far away most people mistake it for cherries it seems. 

The fit is a little different from the previous two dresses as it does not offer as much stretch as the other garments but it does hug and hold you in so very well. 

This style can be layered like crazy or worn on it's own for any formal event. I love the idea of layering a really stunning cardigan on top and a thick waist belt with this style. Making one dress work in multiple ways. 

This dress does turn heads and I think it's mainly for the fit. Stop Staring dresses always fit my body perfectly and give me confidence in my body shape. When I look good I feel good and all of these dresses make me feel amazing.

Thank you so much to Stop Staring for sponsoring me during my trip to Viva Las Vegas it was an absolute pleasure to wear your garments at this brilliant event. I'm looking very forward to our next collaboration.

Also many thanks to Aaron Widyanto for working with me on these images and many more to come! I can't wait to work with you again very soon.


  1. They all look perfect on you, but the red one in particular blows me away. It's absolutely not a style I'd normally think would look good on me, but seeing it on you I'm definitely considering otherwise!

  2. The red dress! I love it! The flutter sleeves and cropped mermaid hem are amazing. Thanks for sharing!