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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pom Pom Plaid!

My dear readers I've found the best winter jacket EVER! You can all stop your searches and just buy this coat! 

I've tried everything that hell bunny has to offer but until now I had not tried their very warm and cute coats. Well I've been waiting far too long! 

Hell Bunny Fiona Jane Red Plaid Coat - £79.99
Eye Doll Platforms by Luichiny - $89.00

Now I know it's not really winter friendly to show the jacket with bare legs but I wanted to show the jacket, alone and in all of it's glory!

I'm wearing this style in a size XL and it is a roomy and perfect fit. I find that for a winter coat you need to be able to layer more items underneath and this provides me with the space to wear long sleeves and other tops beneath.

The fabric is thick, lined and quilted to add that extra warmth you need during a cold Melbourne winter. Although I'm usually a fan of more hour glass shapes I really enjoy wearing the more a-line style in a winter coat when it's really, really cold.

The red plaid fabric was the first big tick for me and you can also find this style in a blue plaid if red is not your colour. With my Hell Bunny yellow plaid moto jacket still a big favorite in my collection I wanted to add a big pop of colour and print into my usual dark winter wardrobe.

If plaid is a little too much for you never fear! The sister of the Fiona Coat is Sarah Jane and she is available in plain red and black.

The fur trims, hood and pom pom details are my favorite parts of this jacket. I can't wait for it to get super cold in Melbourne so I can wear this out constantly! 

Now I have this in my collection and I know that the XL in Hell Bunny coats is a perfect fit I really hope I can get this style next. 

The Millie Coat - £71.99

The Millie is a perfectly and flattering trench that is just the length I've been looking for. I've recently purchased a black ASOS trench but it's not working for me so I want this style instead! With these two items I think I'd be set for winter for years to come!

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