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Monday, May 20, 2013

Metal Love

Now you might already realize that my feet are owned by Luichiny. 90% of the images you see on this blog will show me wearing their amazing footwear and love them to death. But I do hear a great deal of comments  regarding the height of the heels I wear so I wanted to show you a more height friendly heel choice from my favorite brand.

I've been a fan of the metal toe look for a while now but I've not given in to any of the styles as I really did not like them as a whole but these two have won me over big time. The bronze combo print is a really different look for me but do you know what? I love it. 

Now both of these shoes are exactly the same style they just have a different colour toe option and come in different shades. 

With a 4 inch heel these shoes are really easy to walk in and suitable for wearing with suits, jeans and even a little black evening dress now that it's cooling down. The pointed toe is comfortable and I've got no complaints at all with the fit. 

Now because I'm always drawn to anything in black these are my stand out favorite of the two plus they match pretty much EVERYTHING in my closet. I think these two pairs may have started a new shoe shape addiction for me because I'm already looking at the Teal and the Peach versions. I wear this style in a size 10 and I find it to be a normal fit for my foot. 

There is something about this style that make you want to put on your hottest power suit and strut. They really are a strong and sexy shoe and make you feel amazing.

If you can't find the size you are after on Luichiny's direct store you can also find lots of their range at  

Now my next shoe hunt is about to start as I have to find the perfect shoe to pair up with a pink and blue skirt. Luichiny to the rescue! Time to shop! 

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