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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stocking Spolight

Well this week it's not really a 'stocking' spotlight but we will let this slip by this one time.

This week I've tried something I've never really been into other than when I was in primary school - Leggings.

I'm addicted to tights to be honest I love the fit, the look, the feet and variety. Leggings I've never really bothered to get into as I've never had the need or desire to. But this weekend I thought what they hell and decided to try out one pair graciously given to me by Voodoo.

These leggings are super stretchy and comfortable. They can sit on your hips or waist and are a medium thinness. I'm wearing the Tall-Xtra Tall and they are a roomy fit more so down near the ankle and around the knees.

How amazing are my Luichiny Kar Tell boots? They are red HOT!!!! I'm in love with this style as it's basically a boot version of the Eye Doll platform that I love so much.

In the most perfect shade of red they match with so many colours in my wardrobe and look great with all my disco pants (shoot to come). I think I'll need to pick up the plain black version of these as well. 

These boots also do amazing things for your legs - elongating and slimming you down.


The print is really cute and I love the choice of great toned leopard apposed to the usual brown and cream. The print however from a distance creates lines but I still love it. I wore these with a Black mini dress that hit mid thigh and it worked well.

But like stockings and tights I will only ever wear these under a skirt or dress as I really can't stand the look of short tops with leggings - You need more support, shape and thickness when it comes to pants - leggins are not such things. But this is just my own personal preference.