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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bombshell Bettie

A little while back through facebook of all places I found fantastic online store called Bombshell Bettie.

Bombshell Bettie is a store jam packed with everything retro, pinup and rockabilly with everything you are after in one spot. From women's clothing, jewelery and accessories to assorted men's accessories and tees. They also stock baby clothing, accessories and items for your home.

They take great pride in their company, their commitment to customer service and products which makes them an absolute pleasure to purchase from.

So what did I give in and get from Bombshell Bettie? Well let me show you!

The perfect pair of cats eye glasses that every pinup needs in her collection. So simple yet purrfect! You can also get these in brown.

Oh how I adore big glasses they are the best thing to hide behind on days when you just don't want to put on makeup. These are a rich dark brown with a strong animal print all over. Very comfy and so very cute. I feel rather funky in this style and I'd love to get the other two colours of plain black and bright yellow animal print.

Veronica Vintage Sunglasses Red with clear bottom - $8.00US

Retrotastic is the only word that came to mind when I popped these on. I love the pop of colour and how it fades into the white at the bottom of the frame. Now I can't find these in red on the website right now but you can get them in black and pink which both look brilliant! I styled these with a high set pony tail and giant skull bow and felt brilliant! 

With prices like these on why not pick up a whole collection of sunglasses to fit your mood and outfits each day?

These are next on my lust list : 

See there are too many styles to choose from you can go crazy and buy a pair for every day of the week at this price.

This is my 1st Lux de Ville bag and I assure you it will not be my last! I'm blown away with the quality and sheer brilliance of this handbag! From the perfectly shaped exterior to the amazing sparkle on the white fabric is one sexy best of a handbag.

The little features make this bag even more appealing. The Lux de Ville logo is strong and draws your eyes in as does the other little symbol shown bellow. The bag itself looks like the interior of a vintage Cadillac and honestly when I use this bag I've been known to sit there and say - holy hell that is one hot handbag'.

This is the perfect handbag not only for the exterior but for the space and the awesome leopard print interior. You can also pick this bag up in Lime Green and Pink.

I'm currently in love with the following styles :

Lux de Ville Mini Weekender bag in black - $97.50US

So get to Bombshell Bettie for some brilliant prices and amazing customer service. You can also find them via facebook on the Bombshell Bettie Fan page.

Happy Shopping my sweets!


  1. I love the Getaway Bag in red! Awesome site thanks for posting.

    E x

  2. My friend has a Lux De Ville handbag and wallet and I constantly fawn over it, it's soooo pretty! Love the sunglasses, off to check the site out now!