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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Groupon - Deals galore!


Have you found Groupon yet? I've been signed up for a while now but I never really taken any notice of the email updates until recently and boy was I missing out.

I had no idea of the great discounted products on offer through this website! So I started off slow and dipped my toes into the world of Groupon discounts and I purchased a 2 movie tickets from Hoyts Cinema's for all of  $22AU! That's a saving of $15 which is brilliant!

I simply purchased what I wanted using the buy button, paid via paypal and waited to receive my purchase. Each item or offer has a set amount of time it will remain online for. Once this time is up and enough items have been purchased you will get notification about your item and have your 'Groupon Coupon' emailed directly to you. Then I printed out the coupon and headed to the movies - so simple!

This process is so simple and easy that I can see this becoming a weekly ritual of checking out new offers, seeing what bargains I can find and  making the most out of some really good deals. I've already purchased a yummy Tapas dinner for two that I'll be booking in shortly.

So what kind of items or deals can you get find on Groupon? Here is a small screen capture of just a small section of what they have online right now. 

All items have a time limit so once the clock has counted down you won't be able to purchase them any more.

You can find anything from amazing meals at local restaurants, beauty services, clothing, accessories, technology and more. You can also search by City and find all items in your local area. 

This is a really great service for those that love a bargain and what to get a little more for their dollar.

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