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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rockabilly Retro from City Chic!

City Chic have released a new pinup/rockabilly inspired line for Summer 2011 and its so cute!! You know how much I adore pinup as a style and I've found the most perfect casual outfit all from City Chic! Click on the images for a larger view.

Image Hosted by
Bow Print Cardi $69.95
Pearl Bow Necklace $39.95
High Waist 4 Button Jeans (Sold out online check in store) $89.95

These jeans are perfect, I had the last high waist style that was released but they were a size too big and I could only wear them for a few weeks sadly. So when these popped up online I did a happy dance! They suck everything in, hold you in nice and tight and elongate your legs. I have a slight obsession with anything high waisted so these had to be mine! The dark blue rinse is very flattering as well.

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Its a basic little rockabilly casual look for me really I love either wearing this outfit with super high heels or little ballet flats.

The Bow Cardigan is a perfect fit, its for fitting around the bust when buttoned up but has lots of give. I'm wearing this in a XS and the jeans a 14. I've been wearing the cardie non stop all week with dresses and other sets of tops and jeans, its so easy to mix and match. The top underneath is a bodysuit i got from Jeans west last season, I find they work so much better with high waisted garments.

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Then to top it off a adorable pearl bow necklace, what's rockabilly/pinup without pearls?

My next mission is to work the oh so cute bobby socks and pumps look they have bellow. I've adore socks with heels so I'm on the look out for the perfect outfit to match it.

So make sure you check out the new range they have so many cute vintage inspired pieces to suit a more curvy shape!

Also check out the behind the scenes clip for the new look book. It's fantastic and I wish I was on set for this shoot!

Thank you to my always brilliant blog photographer Micheal Alesich from Lucky & Rice.


  1. I love your outfit! I've been toying with the idea of high-waisted jeans/skirts and I'm still skittish. I feel like my stomach has to be flatter (like yours!) to wear this style, then I see other girls with larger stomachs and they are gorgeous in them. You always look great in that style & it's inspirational. I definitely need to venture out! Also, where did you get your necklace? It's really adorable!

  2. Nevermind about the necklace! I see the link in the post, lol.

  3. Oh my god, you're STUNNING!!! So glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours.

    Rockabilly/retro looks are some of my favorites, even if they don't look so great on me - I intensely admire them on others :)


  4. @ Sleeping Beauty, I don't have a flat tummy I actually have a little pot belly. But I wear a bella bodies definer under these jeans and the jeans suck in well too.

    High waists actually make figures look better, more curvy etc.

    I'd glad you like my blog honey!!


    I soooooo adore your blog, thank you for coming by!!! You just rock my socks off!


  5. Hi, love the pics!
    Im off to shop at CC (yet again!) this afternoon. :)
    Love your hair too!
    Cheers :)

  6. dam grrrl, you have the most amazing curves! those jeans are to die for! and the cardi is gorgeous. the rockabilly look suites you to a T. Keep it up

  7. Thank you guys! I try not to do pinup/rockabilly too often these days as I need to be more diverse but I always fall back to it!

  8. I'm jealous that they don't do my size! Haha.

    Also win for them using a Detonators song in their video.

  9. I LOVE those jeans, and am going to have to go stalk my local stores I think! I had a look at their stuff on the site, the denim pinup shorts are going to be mine!!
    Excellent post as always!

  10. your figure is to die for! Looking fierce girl. I really love the song in the video, can't figure out who it is by...

  11. On your advice I bought these jeans and a similar pair of high waisted shorts the other day and I love them. It was my first visit to City Chic and it certainly won't be my last. Love your blog and your pictures-Truly inspirational.

    FF xo