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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Size Matters!

****Thank you everyone for your input and help, I have forwarding on all the information and the plus range is in the works. I'm not sure what sizes they will be but I'm so excited****

Jessica Louise Clothing - Too cute for words! I've admired this brand from afar for many years but I've always sighed thinking I'll never fit into a garment though I could slip into an XL, but where does this leave girls over a size 12US?

Well I'm wanting your feedback and help! Many designers would be happy to expand their size charts but they need feedback to figure out what sizes to go to and what styles would be suitable or popular for curvier shapes.

This is what I would love to see in plus sizes :

Sailor Dress with a super high pair of black pumps - Killer Curves!

Pinup Keyhole Top - With a black high waist pencil skirt and backseam stockings!

Pinup Leotard I want this bad!! I have the most perfect high waist jeans that would look perfect with this!

So now its your turn to rack your brain and check out the site Jessica Louise Clothing link your favorite styles and what you'd love to wear. Give me all the feedback you can and even supply your measurements and height (you can email them to me if you are not wanting to post them online via my contact page). This company actually wants to know how they can help fuller figure women and its great to know that they are wanting to expand their sizes. The more feedback they get the more they can accommodate plus size figures.

Please either US sizes or measurements as every shop is so varied!!!!!!!! Please don't be shy.

Now go forth and look, reply via here or email me and tell me what you want! Lets make this possible and then shop like crazy!


  1. Zebra Date Dress -
    Date dress in Red Leapord - SEXY!!!
    JEssica Louise top - in all colours!!

    There is also a totally adorable dress in a couple of the banner pictures, but I can't find it on the site - it's shown in both black and blue, with a black and white ruffle around the bottom and a black and white striped belt. I NEED that dress in black. Or red!! Or maybe both. It's so cute!!

  2. Oh, my measurements ... do you really want them? I can email them to you if that will help them I guess. I LOVE their stuff, it's so cute!

  3. Thank you such cute stuff isn't it! They need to know what sizes people would want to buy them in. You can either state your measurements or your size. Measurements give a little more information.

  4. count me in !!! about measurements, I think I have pretty much the same as you my dear Teer...

  5. I wish they would state hip measurements in their size chart. I would probably fit into an XL in tops, but my hip measurement is disproportionately larger than my bust/waist measurement by fashion standards.

  6. The hips are usually an inch or two larger then the bust. I'll give them such feedback though.

  7. - if it were a little less snug as it made it's way down the curves it would be perfect. -
    These are perfect, can't ever go wrong with a cute cami to wear with a pair of jeans, or high waisted skirt.

    I'm also a fan the leotard..

    I've just finished Studying my Advanced Diploma of Fashion design, and designed my final range for size 12-24. It's a whole new ball game when it comes to designing for the bigger girl. In order to get these designs happening in bigger sizes the girls need to design with the plus size in mind, it's not a matter of just grading up sizes, some design lines will have to change in order to keep things in proportion.

    Just thought I'd give a heads up.
    I'm generally anywhere between an Australian size 20-22.
    It would be amazing to see some of these in bigger sizes, my bank account won't be a fan of me

  8. I love Jessica Louise! I've admired her designs for a couple of years now!

    I love the PinUp Girl Flounce Dress & the Date Dress!

    I don't know my exact measurements but i'm an Australian size 20-22 and i'm around 165cm tall.

  9. Teer, I'm a standard size 18 - City Chic Medium - with DD chest. Don't know exact measurements - except my chest one, which is usually the drama for me, so I have to kind of know it for buying off ebay/ other online stores, otherwise I can get something that fits everywhere else, but "the ladies" won't fit in! lol


    need these in green and pink!

    & the sailor dress in red

    im usually a size 18-20...

  11. I need US sizes girls or else I'll not know how to convert. The measurements are vital when shopping online I know my off by heart and both in inches and cm's

  12. I love the sailor dress so much but, if it come to parting with cold, hard cash would be more likely to buy a skirt/top combo because it would be more versatile. Love the slip skirt and the striped leggings (I've actually been looking for a good pair of striped leggings for ages). Love the skull stripe top and the keyhole top.

    Measurements - bust 44, waist 40, hips 49.

  13. Thank you!!! I've taking this all down to report back!

  14. Owww so lovely, I will look trough the shop later when I have more time, But I would definitely wear things like the first dress or the shirt. I will email you my measurements later!

  15. The Zebra date dress!

    Measurements are: 44 bust, 38 under bust, 34 waist, 43 hips.

    I think that's a size 16US, but I'm not sure.

  16. Bust 110
    Waist 100
    Hips 123
    Around an 18 to 20

  17. This is such exciting news, both personally and possibly for my store ( The Torrid size chart is pretty well inclusive as far as measurements...she should check it out!

    I'm not sure of my measurements...but I think it's 50" bust, 48" waist, 54" hips. Not an hourglasses, but her stretchy items would be great. Full dresses, stretchy pencil skirts, and hoodies!

  18. I totally admire curvy gals. I'm not exactly plus size all over, however have plus size "tendencies". To explain, I am a Medium to Large in tops which is easy to purchase for. Bust 36" and under bust is 32". My waist is 33" and my hips are 41.5". This makes it nearly impossible to purchase bottoms for, especially since I am 5'3". I typically end up altering all of my pants myself. If it is a skirt or pant I bring in the waist somehow cleverly. Then of course the length is an issue because petite is typically to short and regular size is too long so I will purchase a regular size and hem the length. I want my curves to be accentuated and cute and this is the only way to make it happen. I always get compliments on my curves cuz I alter my clothing. I'm curvy in a tiny body. Guys like it, girls wish they had it :)

  19. I would love to see something like this skirt: or this dress: .
    At all pencil skirts and pin up-punkrock style would be so great.

    I am uk 26 wich is... 24 US I think.

    Bust: 134cm thats about 52"
    Waist: 117cm thats about 46"
    hips:145m thats about 57"

    I hope thats helps. I am so excited and want to thank your for your commitment :D <3


    I LOVE the clothes on their site so cute and funky!

    I'm a straight US size 18 (or an aussie 18-20 - city chic M) although I have a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit me properly i'm a pear shape, i'm alot smaller up top then i am down the bottom and unfortunately i don't have the chest of a plus sized girl either so I find it hard to find dresses that fit perfectly (i live in dresses). I'm 170cm tall 5"8.

  21. OMG, I would love for this to go plus.

    I'm looking at about 48-42-50 measurements. I ear an 18/20 US and I stand 5'7" hope that helps!

  22. 48' bust
    40' waist
    50' hips