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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tee's Please!

I have a huge 'Tee' collection but I never wear them anywhere other than bed. Maybe its because of the unflattering shapes most basic band t-shirts have on the curvy figure.

Recently a friend of mine Bicho Maldito (‘Damned Bug’) asked if I would model some of his designs and being a lover to a fantastic illustrations I said yes straight away.

Marcelo PĂ©rez Dalannays is graphic designer + illustrator from Chile, South America and is has some of the most funky designs I've come across to date!

Shorts from CityChic reviewed in this post Short Shorts.

The t-shirt shapes are form fitting and have a low cut neck or there are more of the basic style tee with the high neckline. Being a very busty girl I really love the lower neckline and shape of his products.

My favorite has to be the curvy devil girl on the blue tee, I absolutely adore her!!

I'm also wearing my favorite garment in the world now my new Skinny Zip Jeans by City Chic! I saw these on a fellow blogger and loved the style so I instantly went out and bought them. They are currently on sale for $44.95 online!

They are what I would call super skinny jeans, they fit me perfectly and are basically a second skin. The features are what sold me - the zips, the extra panel for fabric on the thigh and the slight distressed feel. I'm wearing a 14 but if you don't like your jeans super tight I would suggest wearing a larger size. They feel like they might now fit on when you get them all the way up you will be sold!

So please check out his work, designs and creations and if your after his fantastic tee's just contact him via his site Bicho Maldito


  1. I can't find the link to buy the tees :( Tumblr confuses me

  2. I don't think he has a store honey if you want to get them contact him directly via info @ or via his FB page!/pages/bicho-maldito/138392176178693?v=wall

  3. Love. Great photos. And sigh. Those skinny jeans. It makes me want all the outfits in their entirety.

    Looking hot, BTW. As always.

  4. I always have the same problem with standard t-shirts, I end up looking like a sack of potatoes! These are great!

  5. Yay its nice to know I'm not the only one with the chest vs tee issue!

  6. You always look so damned gorgeous! I love the tops above! I end up cutting new necklines in most of my band shirts, I like lower necklines as I don't have much in the boob department & have to emphasize it, otherwise I look very flat chested! The bottom tee is my fave!

  7. How adorable is that curvy devil girl!! I want one of me like that character.

    He is in his first stage of production so soon enough they will be online for sale, but you can email him and ask to buy some.

  8. I'm Slayyyed!
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