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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Wish-list 2010

More of a wishlist/lust list! Items I want to get over the next month in order to have a completely happy closet. A really eclectic mix of items i adore right now.

I have this in black and I need every colour! The Doris Top from Pinup Girl Clothing - $52.00

I have been looking everywhere for a cute A-line skirt for summer - A-line Skirt Black from Heartbreaker Fashion - $46.00

I have been lusting after one of these for a while - Black Western Bow Tie

Now for something not clothing related and oh so me. Made by the fantastic Morbid Decor this Vincent Price LightBox is brilliant - $23.99

Stag Head Necklace
from Uban Outfitters - £16.00

Mini Deerhead Mount from Nice on Etsy - $36.00

So what is on your Christmas wishlist?


  1. My Christmas list is boots, boots and more boots. It's winter in Japan and my feet are way beyond Japanese sizing!

  2. Oh you poor thing, I'm a size 10 and I'd have no luck over there.

    I'm dreaming about about boots while its thong weather here.

  3. Ooh so much loveliness! I want a stag's head necklace too. I might have to investigate further...

  4. Cute! just had a post on a plus model's new denim line...and they're offering a discount for the blog's worth taking a look at, they're really nice! :)

  5. Well, i know i'm getting Mac make up, hair extensions and some pin up girl dresses so all very girly. Something random i'd like is some new goggles - i'm ocean swimming for cantoo (cure cancer) and mine keep filling with water!

    Do you like review clothing? I need some new corporate attire for a girl with a budget :)

    Your blog has reinspired me to possibly go back to uni and do jewellery and fashion design (i've just finished a law degree hah!) i already have done some silversmith work.

    B xo

  6. Now that is a skinny jean I wouldn't mind getting into!

    Wishes? I want so much it's crazy. At the moment my feet are freaking cold and I want a pair of short UGGs (don't care how uncool they are).

  7. Bianca that is amazing, I'm so glad my little blog can inspire you in that way!!

    My list always has a little pug on it you must tell me what you get!

    I absolutely love reviewing clothing, I've not come across any business attire yet but with my love of pencil skirts I can whip up a business look. It would be of the sexy secretary variety though ;)

    Moe - I got them last week they rock! So tight, almost painted on. I will show them soon.

    How are these for uggs -

    Possibly the only pair I would consider getting, appropriately called FUG's Here its too hot for clothing or shoes in summer!

  8. Hey hun,

    It was something I was tossing around already – but having looked at all your different style guides it kind of pushed me over to the ‘do it’ side :) I’ll balance it with the law somehow. Just ordered a whole bunch of stuff off dorothy perkins too.

    PUG: + the Ava in teal

    Dorothy perkins: I needed some corporate clothes so i ended up with a few plain things but i also snuck in the Black molsekin drape jacket (to wear with tight jeans and plain top and the below shoes),

    The black buckle court shoes (I actually wanted the tie up ones but alas no size!): buckle court shoes&pageSize=20

    & the Grey mid heel cuff shoes: mid heel cuff shoes&pageSize=20

    fingers crossed it all fits!