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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hope and Harvest

Welcome to a new direction in dressing for the woman with killer curves. The journey has begun.....HOPE & HARVEST

Taken from the online bio - 'HOPE & HARVEST brings an innovative and fresh approach to the Plus Size Fashion Industry. A Young and Modern label offering directional designs inspired by todays' top fashion trends for beautiful women in sizes 14 to 26. Designed for modern urban living, HOPE & HARVEST are dedicated to the use of exceptional fabrics and quality.

H & H encapsulates the spirit of current fashion and makes it accessible to all women regardless of shape or size. We at HOPE & HARVEST are excited to create and offer a label for curvy women without boundaries or limitations'

As you can see I am modeling for the Spring/Summer 2011 look book so I can not only show you these amazing garments but give my opinion on the fit of each garment. Here is my are my favorites, check out the collection online now for prices and colours.

Day Night Dress - Simple Sleek and just the right amount of colour added on the sleeves, this also comes in black/grey.

Silk Touch Anorak - So soft, so pretty, the ties at the waist make an amazing shape. The details on this garment are perfect. This comes in black, coral and cream and pink

Rock and Roll! The Snake Cardigan, grey singlet and vegas black leggings - I usually dislike leggings as pants but with long enough tops it works. Also match this with the other skirts in the collection.

The Lala Dress - I am completely 100% head over heels for this dress, from the super soft cotton fabric, to the hood and the draping. Adding the Feather Shoulder Caps (separate purchase) makes it look even more brilliant.

A simple black tee with the onyx skirt - high waisted to define curves.

The Wrap Dress - I've been wanting a maxi with long sleeves for so long now. This is perfect and on olive - so stunning! Also in black.

It has been torture holding on to these images but now I am so happy to share. So go and check out the whole range on their website HOPE & HARVEST and make sure you like the official page on Facebook.

Thank you also to an amazing team on this shoot also - Hope and Harvest themselves! Photographer's -Kirra Jayde & Caitlin Jane McColl Photography, MUA - Brooke Hartmann and hairstylist - Sidd Sanity.


  1. Ok! I think i'm in LOVE! Running to check out the site now!!


  2. Real plus size with actual fashion forward styles - its so what curvy girls need!!!!

  3. Oh wow that skirt is really awesome!

    Everything looks really amazing - that grey dress has such nice draping :-D

  4. Omgggg! How fabulous, I think the fashion gods have finally heard our prayer! You look amazinggg!

    I'm off to check it out!


  5. Teer you are so amazing for such fantastic plugs for us! Thank you so much! We LOVE that we have created something for gorgeous women!!!

    You are just gorgeous in and out of our clothes!

    Thank you!! xoxox

  6. Just love your look what a beauty and the fashion is to die for!

  7. Wow that are some amazing things! I love the Lala Dress, is looks so amazing on you, but I also fell in love with this feather things for the shoulders!

  8. I'm going to get the feathers they are amzazing!

  9. Thank you for introducing me to this - I'm off to check the website now, their clothes look fantastic!

    And I must say, Ms Wayde, you are simply stunning!

  10. Thank you honey!! I was blow away shooting this look book the designs are spot on for what curvy girls need.

    I'm very proud of them and even myself for these images.

  11. You are beautiful, absolutely stunning.So inspirational and exceptional, i love everything !!! x

  12. You are a stunning woman and in all your other shots look completely fantastic, I just find these H&H shots not as flattering as your other work. I don't know what it is but the clothes are a bit meh.

  13. I love their clothing and absolutely loved shooting for them.

    Anon I was a size and a half larger when these were taken so though you think they are not flattering, its most likely the fact that I was much heavier.

    Kira and Caitlin are brilliant photographers I adore working with them

  14. It has nothing to do with your size, I think you are stunning full stop, I just find the cut and fit of some of those pieces just like it hasn't been thought so much about a larger woman wearing them. I've seen some of the other shots not on this site and these are probably the better of them.

    I don't think your size whenever really changes that, you always look good.