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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What she wore - Petals and Pleather

I'm not really a summer girl.

I have fair freckled Irish skin so I never tan, always burn and continue to get more spots. But I do love a light weight little dress and this summer I'm looking for more colours, soft prints and simple accessories to match.

I came across this dress while looking at the US H&M online store and got so grumpy when i found out they do not post internationally. Lucky for me my best friend was in the states at the time and was kind enough to pick this up for me on one of her shopping trips. Gotta love international jet setting best buds!

This dress is perfect for the heat we have had this week. Its a very light weight fabric - jersey mostly with viscose in the same print for the ruffles. Its slightly see through though and a little short so I would advise anyone to wear a black slip underneath. I've also worn this as a long top over black skinny jeans. The dress is tagged as a size L so I'm not sure what size it would be online. I'm usually a 12-14US.

The boots were a bad idea though, far too warm for boots no matter how much they work.

H&M Floral Dress - $14.99 (US only)
Boots and Belt - Target
Bangles & Ring - Diva

The sleeves just flow beautifully down arm and the ruffle continues down the dress.

Shock horror! I'm actually smiling for the camera this is rare believe me!

Images taken again by my resident blog photographer Michael Alesich of Lucky and Rice.


  1. oh lovely Teer x The colours, pattern and style is so flattering on you. I prefer winter too :)

    I wish I had your photographer on hand, tripods suck :)

  2. Thank you my lovelies!

    Michael is a godsend, I'm make myself unhappy using my digital camera so someone to help just rocks!

  3. You look amazing as always! I really love your dress, I love flowy things. Well even though it may have been too hot for those boots, you are working it! I love how natural your poses are...can you give me some tips lol :)


  4. I will work the boots even if I melt!

    Posing tips are hard for me to explain without being there in person. Its something I will have to look into Vlogging eventually.

    I just try to elongate my body with every movement and hope it looks good.

    Modeling is my job and i've been doing it for 5 years now so its just habit.


  5. Hi Teer just wondering how you get your hair that colour its a really nice red, btw love the dress and your figure :)

  6. HI Amanda, I use Hypnotic Red by Schwarzkopf. Its a brilliant packet colour.

  7. I love the way its such a girly dress but you somehow transform it into a feirce look with those boots!

  8. You are so gorgeous! and love the florals

  9. Hi sweetie, I love you in that dress, the way you style it is fab. have been looking at that dress my self :) also, lovely to see you smile!

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface