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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pretty Preppy

I have a mad love for cardigans and recently I've been lusting after preppy style jackets and cardigans. So I have been searching far and wide for some really cute and basic preppy knits but I've had no luck finding great styles for women. Faith21 briefly had one style up online but as per usual it sold out instantly.

Then while was surfing on New Look I found two styles in the male section that would be perfect for the looks I'm after. I've never had a problem wearing men's cardigans and these are too cute to ignore. I will buy a medium in the males section as my waist and bust measurements are very close.

So I've put together two looks which are all available on New Look, this is how I would wear these preppy cardigans. One look going with basic black and my usual staple, the pencil skirt and the other a more playful, cute outfit. The sizing ranges from a UK 6 to 18 and there is also a plus size range that goes from 18 to 24 called Inspire (they both have different size charts).

Now which shall I buy?


Preppy Cardigan - Price £18.00
Gathered Pencil Skirt - Price £21.00
Pussy Bow Blouse - Price £18.00
Petal Rosette Corsage - £4.00
Pleated Bow Bag - £22.00
Bow Suedette Heel - £25.00

Pretty Preppy

Preppy Cardigan - Price £18.00
Gathered Bow Skirt- Price £24.99
Bow Scoop Tee - £5.00
Divine Clutch - £7.00
Leather Bow Court- £25.00
Cameo Stud Set - £5.00


  1. love the second look! but also lovin the grey of the first cardie. get BOTH!

  2. As soon as I can afford it I'm going to get the first outfit!

  3. They have some cute preppy cardis at Old Navy....

    Your blog is wonderful.

  4. Hi Toni! Thank you for the link!! I only just found out that old navy ship to Australia!

    Sadly I can't shop in their plus division as the measurements are much more than mine. I'll definitely have a look around the store though!

  5. I love those cardigans.

    Well ... I love cardigans! So much so I bought a coverstitch machine for knit sewing goodness. A hole in the market to target perhaps? :D