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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Aviator

Is anyone else madly in love with the Flight and Aviator fashions coming out for Fall/Autumn?

Even though I absolutely love black leather and darker shades I have to admit that I'm dying to get my hands on a few items.

So what will be available for girls in my size? Evans have to amazing jackets that will appear on the website in the coming months. They have a detailed blog on these jackets and other looks here.

Even though it will be warming up in Melbourne but that time I'm still getting one of these for when the weather cools down. We all know that the weather down here can be perfect one day and evil the next!

If you want to get your hands on something like this a little sooner I just found these jackets on New Look.

Waterfall Faux Fur Jacket £29.99

Now i have to hunt for goggles, white scarves and some fantastic hats with ear flaps.


  1. i really like that black evans jacket.

    this is a bit weird of me, but i bought a purple leather mini skirt the other day and i wasn't sure about buying it but then i thought of you and that kind of inspired me to get it haha


  2. Same I'm trying to pick which Evans Jacket I like more.

    What made you think of me when buying it honey? Though I bet it looks oh so funky!

  3. it made me think of that photo of you in the orange latex (i think it's latex? rubber idk haha) dress on your header! not exactly the same as leather but sort of similar and i thought about how well you rocked that dress and it inspired me to buy the skirt! i'll have to put a photo of it up on my blog xx

  4. Ah yes its a red latex dress, I also have a rocking little black long sleeve dress, stockings and more.

    Love the skirt you bought, wish I could wear something like that but I don't do minis.