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Monday, August 30, 2010

What she wore - Plain Jane

A easy, throw it together in a minute outfit with heels. My wardrobe staples - well tailored pencil skirts, plain tops that will match with everything, waist belts and some super cute mary janes. Nothing spectacular just an easy outfit that shows off my shape and fits well.

This outfit I've worn off and on for the last 2 years (though the tops always change) The skirt is from Target, shoes from Table Eight and the top a great ribbed 3/4 sleeve number from Jay Jays. Jay Jays have some really good simple pieces that go up to a size XXL. I'm wearing an XL and its really roomy.

I'm so very in love with Torrid's pencil skirts at the moment, hip hugging and in plaid - oh my!

In other news I will be doing runway for Te Kiero Boutique on Wednesday which shall be fantastic. I have lots of shoots coming up so expect some more what she wore type blogs in the next two weeks.

Also coming up in the next month I will be holding a competition so keep your eyes open for an announcement and get ready to promote this blog like crazy!


  1. I was looking at those tops in Jayjays last week, am inspired to buy one now.

  2. You must I have one in purple also! They are so easy to wear when you don't want anything too fussy.

  3. Oh, I may have to duck into Jay Jays and have a look! You look great, you have such great style!

  4. I found you blog recently, and I just have to tell you that when I saw this post, I finally got the courage to wear a pencil skirt. I'm not a skinny girl, but a Woman with Curves and I even made the pencil skirt myself! I was so taken how fabulous you looked in yours! So I guess I just want to say thank you for the courage!
    All the best!
    -Olivia W.