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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Deadly Dames Fall 2010 - Preview!

I have to share the amazing new designs coming out from Pinup Girl Clothing in house brand Deadly Dames.

Micheline you have made my jaw drop and I'm already saving for a big order once these items hit the website. They are not online to purchase yet but I will update you guys as soon as they are.

My favorite!

The "Haunted House-wife" Dress in Black Stretch Sateen with White Piping and white skull buttons. This also comes in red with black piping. Model: Micheline Pitt Shot by: Laura Byrnes

The "Vamp" Dress in Stretch Sateen Red Polka Dot Print, Zebra print (shown bellow), Tiger print and black. With a slight bullet cup and adjustable straps. Model: Micheline Pitt Shot by: Laura Byrnes

Model: Doris Mayday Shot by: Laura Byrnes

The Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants in Black Stretch Sateen, these will be a staple item in my wardrobe all year round i love the cut! These also come in Tiger print. Model: Micheline Pitt Shot by: Laura Byrnes

"Pirate Dress" Fully knit stretch wiggle dress with belt. Model: Micheline Pitt Shot by: Laura Byrnes

The new items have me so excited I can't wait to get my hands on each of these. Pinup Girl Clothing's house brand come in sizes XS to 2xl. I wear the XL in most dresses and a 2x in pants.

I've been having a pinup/retro crazy fashion week but I'll be back to posting my every day outfits and more this week. We have just moved into an amazing new house so I will try to shoot my outfits throughout the week.


  1. Wow those pants are awesome - I think I want a pair! Might actually stop the Mr from complaining that I never wear pants anymore haha. ;-)

    That first dress is gorgeous too :-D

  2. I love love that first dress - WANT!

  3. Screw the clothes, I want that KITCHEN!

  4. The house they used for this shoot is so freaking amazing, I want both Drea :P

  5. Oh my gosh I really want everything!

    Those dresses! Swoon!

  6. I see a big group order with free shipping when these come out ;)

  7. Count me in on the group order! Love everything here. You should check out the Lucy B lingerie site. Ive been on it all day picking and choosing - love love love everything on there. x

  8. Hi Marz, I've seen LB before but as I'm more like a size XXXXL by there standards I've never gone back.

    I shop with companies that have plus sizes.

  9. Teer! Stop tempting me with things from PUG! That first dress is freakin' awesome, and I was just thinking thismorning that it might be about time for me to give pants another go...

  10. This is weird, but I totally recognize that kitchen! It's featured in a retro-design book called "Pad" and it's AMAZING. Love the zebra print dress.

  11. I love the seductive look on these outfits. It's great to see these types of styles be incorporated into plus size fashion.