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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Mother Of Hades Unholy Rosary Cast Necklace

As I'm freezing my toosh off in Melbourne my sweater collection has grown and I'm very excited to share the latest arrival with you. If you don't know already I'm a little obsessed with Blackmilks Knits and how cozy and flattering they are to my shape. They are my go-to daily and I pretty much live in these all winter, layering with tees, leggings or jeans. 

The Sepraphim sweater is ICONIC. This print is phenomenal. Bold, eye-catching and stunning. What is Seraphim you ask? Seraphim are covered in multiple pairs of wings as an expression of humility. Looking extra epic compared to the other ranks of angels is just a side benefit.

The fit is amazing. It's oversized but not super big on me in the XL/XXL. It hits just under the crotch and the knit it's perfect for mid-season and cooler months as it's light but roomy enough to layer. I love the gothic/medieval vibes this piece gives off and I'll be wearing this constantly for the next few months.


I've paired this with a new legging for my collection the PUSH IT PONTE HW LEGGINGS. I've owned push it pants and shorts but never the leggings and I'm impressed. They are firm, thick and super high-waisted. They come with a waist band but this is in no way tight or unflattering as they can usually be. I'm in the XL and they fit like a dream, plus the thickness is perfect for cold and windy Melbourne days. 

Now accessory-wise the iconic red cross on this knit screamed for me to wear a Mother of Hades piece with it. 

Mother Of Hades Unholy Rosary Cast Necklace

This amazingly created satanic necklace is currently my obsession! The detail, the cold design, it really pairs perfectly with this jumper and matches the cross so perfectly within the jumper itself. I've got a mini collection of MOH necklaces growing and I love that the really 100% complete my look. Forever drawing your eye closer and really making my outfits that little more magic.

I can't get enough of this look and can't wait to share my next Blaclmilk Clothing review with you for some more romantic gothic perfection. 

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