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Thursday, April 4, 2024

BOUDICCA - One Bodysuit - 2 Ways

I've been lusting after the Boudicca for months now and luckily Thistle and Spire restocked this bold piece of perfection. The most amazing and unique bodysuit that fills me with power. Honestly, I've never felt more strong, sexy, and hot before. 

The punch this piece packs is strong. Intricate cut outs, soft and stretchy fabric, support where you need it, and the most flattering design possible. Oh and did I mention the all importal thumb holes for extra perfection?

Do you ever step into an item and feel like you can take on the world? Well, this bodysuit has that exact power. As soon as I was fully dressed and ready to shoot I was strutting around and feeling amazing. I did not care about a wiggle here, or roll there, nor did I feel anything but pride, and let's face is a whole lotta sass.

The amazing cut-out design is somewhere right in between a badass superhero and a femme fatale. Paired with thigh-high boots, a leather trench, and nothing else I feel invincible. I'm wearing this in the 2XL and the fit is really roomy yet supportive. I find myself feeling like I'm not wearing a thing as the fabric is so soft and stretchy. 

What I adore about Thistle and Spire bodysuits has to be how well they pair with pretty much everything I own. Wearing them as outerwear or as a top is a must and this piece looks amazing with a gothic pleated skirt.

With a solid black base hitting at the very small of my waist, the full look creates lots of shape and I can't get enough of this combo!

 Usually, I'm rather anti-showing my arms but in this bodysuit, I don't want to hide anything. It's amazing what a little fabric and amazing designs can do to really boost your confidence. 


  1. I've been following this blog for at least a decade, and you've already "made" me purchase at least a Trixie Doll dress and an Eddie bra. You wear fine things well, and your confidence and lovely texts are a pleasure.

    I totally understand the power of well-fitting clothing. The "taking over the world" experience happened to me with the Fleabag jumpsuit from Love Clothing. They unfortunately don't go higher than a UK16, but I tried my luck with a 14 and it fit amazingly well despite me being a bit larger than the indicated measurements. The item itself is so gorgeous and comfortable that I almost cried when I pulled it on for the first time...

    With my very(!) low salary, I won't be able to buy everything that catches my eye (which probably for the best as that would recquire a whole other flat just for my wardrobe), but Thistle and Spire is high on my list of "if I can, I will". Like many curvy women, I'm often questioning if I can pull something off - and this is why we're lucky to have rolemodels such as you! Thank you for your great work!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I'm honoured I can inspire or help you in any way! I swear Thistle and Spire make my confidence multiply whenever I wear each piece. Just wait to see what's coming next month in my next review ;)