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Sunday, March 10, 2024

No Wires Needed

This weekend I finally got to shoot my latest Ewa Michalak haul! My last order was mind-blowing but this order was even more surprising as there are no wires features in all 3 bras! Insane right?

As you can imagine I instantly wanted to share the superior comfort levels of each and every piece. From lounge and sleep styles to the best Bikini on planet earth! Ewa has you covered. 

This piece has been on my mind for weeks. The construction, the shape and how it works when sleeping. The Relaksik has the following features : 

  • It's a soft crop top that is wire-free
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Acts as the perfect sleeping bra and will hold you in place all night long.
  • Front fasting and bold unique clip design - like nothing I've seen before! 
  • Is specially designed to keep the bust exactly where it needs to be without any pop-outs or spillage.

Simple but this is the answer to all of your wire-free bra prayers! The perfect piece to wear lounging at home or out as it has so much lift and shaping. The piece might look big but it easily hides beneath most of my dresses and really makes my curves pop.

Size-wise wise I'm in the 100GG and the fit is amazing! I've been wearing this all day and even took a nap to test it. I feel so amazingly comfortable and could do just about anything in this piece. The pink and black combo also really pop and I give me a sports bra vibe.

This top is phenomenal and I would love this in all black as well as it would be a great piece to wear out as a crop top on a hot summer night or beneath a sheer top or dress.

The Sekret Top has the same vibe but with an extra level of sexiness added with sheer mesh inserts and stunning fabrics. From the moment I saw the product shots for this piece I was intrigued! Each and every model absolutely rocked this piece and looked hot so I obviously needed to get my paws on it ASAP!

What is this exactly? Think crop top/plunge bra with the perfect shape! A piece that is hot to hide beneath clothing this is a focal point to a layered look and the fabric combination is perfection. 

This piece is super soft, and flattering and really gives a round and perfect shape to your bust. The straps are also fully adjustable so you can give yourself the best possible fit. 

I'm wearing this in the 100GG and the fit is firmer than the first style shown but just as comfy. If you are on the fence about these 'Tops' it's time to jump online and order them all! I've never had this much support and comfort without wires! 

With each of these wireless pieces making me swoon it's only fair that I share the most amazing bikini I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. The Dziurawiec is pure magic! Featuring a soft and stunning fabric, no wires, strappy back closure and adjustable cage-like thin straps.

This wire-free bikini top creates a stunning full shape, huge amounts of amazing cleavage and so much lift. I never knew such a look could be created without any underwires. The bold steps are sexy as hell and I love just how effortlessly chic this set is.

Just look at that detail! The way the fabric reflects light and shows this beautiful print! I can't get enough. I'm wearing this in the 100GG and it's perfect. I've yet to take this for a dip but I'm sure I'll be wearing this all year round as we have an indoor pool. 

Now for the most adorable bikini bottoms! The matching Brazilian briefts are cheeky as hell and I love it! I'm wearing these in the 18 and they are spot on for fit high on my hips. 

I can't get enough of this set and can't wait to wear this around the pool and on a cruise later this year! Hopefully it's not going to be too cheeky ;)

It's been really eye-opening to learn just how much support and shape can be created with Ewa Michalak's amazing designs and construction. Wireless or Wired - I'm forever obsessed with their creations.

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