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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Introducing - Cyrene

I'd like to introduce you to the uplifting, sculpting, stunning Cyrene! I swear with every new piece of Thistle and Spire I add to my collection, they blow my mind with the intricate design features and support.

What I love most about T & S has to be the comfort level. I've never worn any of their lingerie and felt uncomfortable and as a curvy/big-busted girl comfort is not always the end result. This week we have been blessed with the stunning Cyrene set and bodysuit. Featuring custom T&S embroidered tulle colour-blocking panels and a U-Wire neckline with fully adjustable back straps. These features create the most divine bodice with amazing and uplifting support.

I'm wearing the 2XL and the fit is amazing. I have full, high and rounded support and the mesh and embroidery detailing mixed with the colour blocking hugs your curves in the perfect way.

The floral detailing also hides any nipple slippage so you can even get away with waring this as outerwear! 

I'm 100% in love with this set and I can't wait to wear it to death. I'll also be styling this with faux leather high waisted skirt and more in the next few weeks so look out on my IG page for styling inspo.

For the panty, I'm also in the 2XL as they are a cheeky style and I like a little more room for these higher-cut pieces. I go for a 1XL for the more hipster-style bottoms. The fabric is super lightweight and soft and a dream to wear.

As I was shooting lingerie out in the open world I paired this with my gothic Penny Lane inspired winter coat and I love how they work with each other. The flashing of these perfect pieces under a woolly winter coat - perfection.

Thistle and Spire you are forever making me swoon and boosting my confidence! I can't wait to see what you do next! 

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