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Monday, February 5, 2024

Mia and Ramona

While most people are hunting down the most lush ruby reds for Valentine's Day, I'm drooling over bold black piping and art deco-inspired pieces, fluffy robes and the sweetest of sparkles. Playful Promises have outdone themselves again with the most divine lingerie sets for curvy girls. 

I've never owned a piece this stunning before. The black and jade art deco embroidery balconette style is pure artistic bliss. With fan style deco shapes and scalloped edges. Topping the piece off with bold adjustable cage straps and a sparkling little gem in the centre of the bra. Now so I don't write my sizing again and again I'm in my sister size of the 18H in this bra and the bottoms are 20s. Both fit a little larger in the cup so I might have to go down one back size. 

The wow factor of this entire set is phenomenal. I'm wearing the high-waisted thong and matching garter belt. They fit like a dream but the thong I specially ordered one size up from my normal sets as I was not 100% sure of the fit. Turns out there is more fabric than I needed so I'm most definitely going to need an 18 in the style thong in the future. The waist on the garter belt is perfect though and I'm wearing both the bra and the garter on the highest setting.

Now with such a bold black and jade green style, I'd usually pair this with a classic black robe but the new Marilyn Baby Blue feather robe with diamante detailing on the shoulders was a must-have.  I was gambling with this combo but I really love how much the set pops against the soft baby blue. This is from the Bettie Page range and has a stunning matching retro pinup style lingerie set to match.

I'm wearing the robe in an 18 but I find I can fit anywhere from a 14 to 18 in both Bettie Page and Playful Promises branded robes as they have billowing sleeves and a wrap front. 

Can we just take a moment to admire this embroidery and how delicate and beautiful it is close up! 

With the bold colours added to my collection, it's time for a piece I've been lusting after for a while now. I've been heavily addicted to the Eddie bra  (I still have more to add to my collection) but I wanted to take a break and show you the fit of the Ramona. A nudge mesh style with bold satin straps and piping that makes you feel so very sexy.

The softness and mixture of pale/nude sheer mesh make this set delicate but really hot at the same time. It's the perfect combination and I'm so excited to finally be wearing this! Robe wise I opted for a less sparkling Bettie robe with the classic black features and I will be living in this, plus using it for future shoots. It's perfection!

However, in this size, I found I did not fully fill the cups. It's odd that for an H cup, there is more room but there was right at the bottom. So I think a smaller back band will be a better fit as it will be slightly smaller.

Even with the roomy fit I'm in love with this piece and can't wait to add another colour way of it into my collection. The matching bottoms are perfect in the 20 as they sit on my lower hip and I've got a wide toosh! 

Now to make my next lust list full of my Ramona's and Eddies in purple, petrol and red! These will be the perfect match for my new Bettie Page robes! 

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