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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

The Feast of Fae

 Fairy prints are usually not something I gravitate to but when I saw the super detailed illustrations in a 1914 edition of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream from William Heath Robinson I was instantly in love.

One of the most ethereal and flowing maxis I own from Blackmilk this stunning piece has a sheer detailed overlay with a magical print, my beloved bishop sleeves and a mini slip. But what really drew me to this piece was the lace-up bust and deep v neckline, as you know I'm all about cleavage. 

This adjustable lace-up front means you can show as little or as much skin as you want while accommodating many bust sizes. I love this as my bust can go up and down over the month and this is a perfect piece for those more boobie days. I'm wearing the dress in my usual XL and I've found this to be really stretchy and almost roomy even. But I'd not size down as I don't want to warp the print on my bustline upwards. 

The stunning artwork is my next obsession with this maxi. Usually, I'd gravitate to a bold floral maxi or something a little more classic all-black but this mixture of white images on a black base creates such a stunning visual and I love how much of a story you can see as you look up from the base of the skirt. There is a little magic in this dress and I feel amazing within it. 

Accessory wise I went for a classic Blackmilk corset belt. Now the side buckle corset might be sold out but you can still snap up Front Buckle version.  which would look equally as amazing. I've been wearing this with thin and think belts plus a harness and they all match perfectly. 

While this flowing soft fabric is very summer-friendly I think layering this in the cooler months will be just as amazing.

Oh, Fae Queen I've had my eye on you for a while now and I have been missing out big time now having you in my world! If you are looking for the perfect long-sleeved summer maxi, look no further.

The Fae maxi is PERFECT! Made from a floaty sheer mesh fabric it has a really lovely square neckline, back keyhole opening and again bishop sleeves.  The skirt is tired and lined to the knee so you are covered up without getting overheated.

The flow on this skirt and the amount of fabric in the skirt style make this piece ideal for twirling and as you walk you will look and feel like pure magic.

I'm wearing this in the XL as well and it does fit a little big. If you are in between sizes at BM I'd suggest sizing down in this piece. Accessory-wise I've opted for a chain and buckle belt to complement my waist without taking too much focus on the fit and fleet of this piece.

I can't wait to style these all year round and pair them with so many more accessories. Look out next week for my next Blackmilk review as I give you the low down on some of the new stockings from their latest releases! 

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