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Monday, September 25, 2023

Gettin Spooky

Is there anything better in the world than Halloween-themed goodies? I swear Halloween is my Christmas and I'm forever eagerly awaiting the Spooky Drops from my favourite brands! 

This year Blackmilk Clothing has made my dark little heart swoon with bold colours and prints and I wanted to share my 3 favourite pieces. 

I'm a sucker for a kitschy little knit and the Cat O Lantern hug sweater might be the most adorable little jumper I've ever owned. Bold orange colour, pumpkins and black cats - what's not to love? 

The knit is super soft and feels amazing. This is almost a cropped yet oversized piece so it's very comfy and flattering in the XL/XXL that I'm wearing. I love how perfectly it pairs with simple black skater skirts and I can't wait to team this up with some high-waisted jeans! 

Just look at those adorable kittens and pumpkins! A mixture of expressions and shapes, this really is the cutest of all sweaters. 

I can't get enough of this piece and will wear this and other Blackmilk Halloween pieces all year round as I'm all about the spooky stuff.

Next the most brilliant of prints that currently resides in my wardrobe! The Eye On You sheer top is pure freaking magic! Instantly when the previews of both the top and maxi skirt were released I wanted it all but my bank account said choose only one. So I quickly snapped up the top as I can wear this with absolutely everything in my wardrobe.

I see this as a monster/mummy print with the most divine colours that scream at you in the best kinda of way. I'm 100% smitten with the brightness, the fit and the level of sheerness. I'm wearing the XXL as I wanted to make sure the boobs did not warp or morph the print in any way and this was the right choice. I find that I know my sizes very well now at BlackMilk and I look at fabrics, fit and prints in order to size up or down. 

I can't wait to take this piece out for a spin very soon and pair this with all of my high-waisted pants an skirts, plus over strappy  LB dresses in summer. 

To complete the look I had to get my hands on the latest BlackMilk waist belt! Now be warned this is very much spot on for the size chart so if you are over in any way it will be an issue with fit. I'm in the  XL/XXL: 86.5cm–101.5cm (34in–40in) and it's a tight fit. I'd love it if for fluctuation etc. BM added a few inches to their belts in the larger size or added an extra size. I love the studs, skulls and bat chains. 

The chains are removable as well so you can wear them as a necklace! Two pieces for the price of one! Hell Yes! Now what's your favourite spooky look from this release?

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