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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Deep Embrace

When I first saw the Scantilly Embrace set I instantly had the inspiration to create a very specific look. The classic stunning lingerie hidden beneath a trench coat styling of romance/affairs on the silver screen. So I braved the freezing cold and went out to flash my one and only who just so happens to be the photographer. 

Deep Embrace Plunge Bra by Scantilly 

Now there is something magical about this set. A bold barely there shape with the most divine cage styling. Usually, you can only get one or the other but Scantilly has created a very deep plunge with great underwire support and adjustable cage straps. 

I'm wearing the set in my usual 38HH and the fit is so comfy and sexy. I can have as little or as much super round shape and cleavage as needed just by adjusting the straps. The fit is spot on as well. Sometimes you worry that a plunge can be ill-fitting as it may not fully support all the breast but this style is phenomenal! 

Honestly wearing this entire look I feel like a badass sexy AF superhero! I've paired this set with my favourite City Chic classic trench, Please thigh boots, a classic longline Orchard Corset underbust, and the matching Embrace Thong.

I'm wearing the matching thong in an XL and the fit is tight but it's not in any way restrictive or cutting. It's very 'strap heavy in design and created to be worn high on the hips.

Please note I was way too excited and not wearing my glasses when I popped this piece on so I did not show just how groovy the lower strap look across the bust. I've just worn this super low and it's hidden. Shown in the image below is the lookbook styling.

Now the amazing thing about this piece and the adjustable cage straps is that you can wear these as visible or hidden as you desire. They can be moved into different areas of the bra (super stretchy) and you can show them or hide them with ease. This is genius as I've always loved the fit of such styles but did not want to always show the straps.

I can't wait to get my hands on even more Scantilly pieces as my lust list is full of the latest arrivals. They're styles are forever innovative, creating new and modern shapes for full-busted women.

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