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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Smokin Mirrors

I swear wearing Thistle and Spire makes me feel like a superhero! The power, the vibe, and the outright amazing styling make me feel invincible. 

I had to add a new colour to my collection of T&S bodysuits. While I adore classic black and sheerness there was something about this smoke-inspired one-piece in burgundy! 

Perfectly placed flames hide what you need to be hidden (one social media or on the street) on the Smokin Morrors bodysuit, while also creating a dynamic and brilliant visual. 

The suit is a full halterneck with a crisscross back. Each flame is embroidered and the back is a thong style. So cute, so comfy and so powerful. 

I'm wearing this in a 1XL and the fit is perfect! I can be either a 1xl or 2xl depending on fit, fabric, etc but I love this piece in this size. As you can see this is more about comfort and brilliant creative design than super support for the twins and I can't wait to incorporate this into a fashion look. Pairing this with a wiggle skirt and layering a Thistle and Spire bra beneath = Perfection!

Have you tried Thistle and Spire yet? Do you feel empowered every time you wear any of their amazing pieces? I sure do!

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