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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cottage Witch

Taking inspiration from the Sleepy Hollow range, this week I'm featuring some of the most divine classic black pieces from La Femme En Noir. These two stunning and beautifully tailored dresses that I've never tried before will make you swoon. So join me as I take a trip into the forest and create a little magic.

After snapping up the Odyssey Xenomorph Watercolor Maxi Dress I knew I was rather in love. The delicate lace detailing at the bust and balloon statement sleeves are fashion features I had no idea I was missing out on until now. 

The Odessy Maxi dress in black is an all-year-round staple. Perfectly draped featuring a surplice neckline with faux wrap bodice this piece is 100% polyester georgette with knit Polyester/Spandex ITY lining. 

I don't think I've owned a Maxi that flows so beautifully before! I'm wearing this in a 3XL but the fit is very, very big. Given my bust measurements, I would be that exact size but I don't even have to unzip this. It will be a very easy tailoring job to get this style sized down though. So if you are worried about the size the bust is roomy and the waist is elasticized so it is very accommodating. The stretch of the waistline and a rear zip really work perfectly in this piece. 

The flow of the fabric, those little details, and the pure grace of this piece make it an absolute must-have.

You can find a little GRWM video we created for Instagram featuring the perfect accessories from the Sleepy Hollow collection. 

Much like the stunning jewel-toned Lady Crane Dress that I've been lusting after for years, the Cottage Witch dress is here in black to woo you!

Featuring a fitted bodice, gathered drop waist, and leg-of-mutton sleeves. A super comfortable bodice fit as it's lined in black knit Ponte with a wire V separator at the center opening. This opening frames the bust perfectly! 

I'm wearing this in a 3XL as well and while the satin does have a firm fit I can easily get into a 2XL with this. I'm wearing a bra at the bust but if I sized down the waist would be much firmer and I'd be able to go bra fee. Either way, though the fit on both of these pieces in the 3XL is pure comfort! 

I've never owned a piece like this before! The bust and mutton sleeve create such a dramatic look and the full look is stunning. This piece most definitely evokes visuals of a bygone era and I'm loving it. Did I mention this has huge hidden side pockets as well?

Styling wise I've stuck with the same necklace as it's perfectly suited to both dresses. The only extra piece to wear with this dress is the Bird Cage Thaumatrope Wristlet. If you've seen the film Sleepy Hollow you'll know exactly where the inspiration for this piece came from. 

I adore everything about both of these dresses and can't wait to share more La Femme En Noir content with you soon. On a little side note, one of my fur babies was named after Ichabod Crane from the film. This was before we found out our little Icky was a girl. The name has stuck and we adore her. 

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